Sustainable Living Guest Post Opportunities


Do you write about sustainable living and are passionate about clean beauty and sustainable fashion?  

If so, Simple n’ Delight is considering Guest Posts with the following criteria:

–  Well written content with a minimum of 2000 words

–  Short paragraphs with headings (H1, H2, H3)

–  All references are linked to a scientific study website

– Include your bio with a link to your site

-.  All articles are subject to polishing and editing

–  Include images, targeted keyword, and references

Here are a few article ideas that we are currently considering.  If you have other ideas about sustainable living please submit them and we will let you know what fits best with Simple n’ Delight.

–  Product reviews about clean beauty and sustainable fashion brands

–  Energy efficiency:  transport, home, solar

–  Non-toxic cleaning and home improvements

–  Zero Waste Solutions

–  Vegan beauty and fashion

Please send a link to some of your writing samples along with your topic suggestions.  We look forward to working with you.