Reasons Why We LOVE These 15 Vegan Slippers and Why You Should Too!

Finding companies that care for both the environment and the animals is the goal when looking for vegan slippers. Socially responsible companies who make vegan slippers will often utilize recycled synthetic fabrics and care for the well-being of animals simultaneously.

Here are our top recommendations. Click to read the full review on each pair of vegan slippers:  

  1. Everlane
  2. Thought
  3. Native
  4. Noize
  5. Sanuk
  6. Journee Collection
  7. Fuchsia
  8. Bearpaw
  9. NAOT
  10. Freewaters
  11. Larroude
  12. TOMS
  13. Keen
  14.  Acorn
  15.  Monki

Why choose vegan slippers anyway!?

Vegan slippers do not use animals in the production of their goods. From the fabric to the glue, vegan products adhere to a strict protocol of being animal-free.  

The idea that animals are bred and killed for products such as bags, shoes, and clothing, means that the cruelty of animals continues for our own selfish needs. 

The breeding of animals, especially cows, is a major environmental polluter. Cows release methane gas, accounting for 60% of the total greenhouse gasses from agriculture.  [1]  Many of the leather products we use today are from cows. Although wool from sheep can be sustainably sheared, it is still not considered a vegan product. Most non-vegan products are derived from leather, wool, and fur.  

Are vegan slippers eco-friendly?

Although choosing vegan can help our furry little friends and the environment, looking for sustainable, eco-friendly vegan products isn’t always easy. In many cases, vegan products are made with unrecycled, petroleum products that require new materials for manufacture. That means that we dig up non-renewable oil to make our products. This practice is also unsustainable.  

The disposal of vegan products also needs to be considered from an environmental point of view. Vegan products made from natural materials are best since they are easily decomposed and can safely return to the earth in a reasonable amount of time. Finding ways to recycle synthetic vegan materials is also another challenge we are aiming to conquer in our fight for sustainability.  

What makes the best vegan slippers?

Finding companies that care for both the environment and the animals is the goal when looking for vegan slippers. Socially responsible companies who make vegan slippers will often utilize recycled synthetic fabrics and care for the well-being of animals simultaneously. 

We looked hard to find companies that are making vegan products while also considering the sustainability of the earth. Some of the links may be affiliate links in which I earn a small commission, yet this does not affect our ability to find the best vegan slippers out there. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases with the Amazon links provided in this article, yet I can confidently share these products with you as a great vegan option.  

The Best Vegan Slippers

#1 Everlane

We love Everlane for a few reasons, their ReNew vegan slippers keep your feet toasty on the coldest day, and they are made from recycled polyester, nylon, and recycled rubber. They can be easily worn on a walk to the mailbox with their durable soles. They are an easy slip-on style, making them a perfect fit for anyone on your gifting list.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of ReNew Vegan Slippers

  • Everlane uses over 90% recycled materials for their slippers
  • Everlane has a commitment to make sturdy, long-lasting garments and footwear to ease the impact on the earth
  • Commitment to have net zero emissions by 2050

#2 Thought

Image from

Thought is a company that creates with cyclical design in mind. From the procuring of materials to the end of a garment ,Thought aims to reduce our consumption and have a lighter footprint on the earth. Each December, this company gives 1 pair of socks for every pair sold. To date, they have donated 50 000 pairs of socks! Based in the UK, this company makes its vegan slippers from recycled materials and sustainable viscose, which is called EcoVero. EcoVero is a natural material made of wood and is easily breathable and soft.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Tabbie EcoVera Vegan Slippers

  • Thought considers design and responsible sourcing to foster change
  • Uses an eco-responsible production process in order to reduce water consumption
  • Uses only recycled polyester 

#3 Native

Image from

The Native Ava Bloom is one COOL vegan slipper! This sustainable vegan slipper is made from seaweed. We couldn’t believe it ourselves. Native makes this shoe by cleaning waterways and using excess algae–a human-made problem from excess fertilizers flowing into waterways. This vegan slipper is perfect for streetwear or houseware with its hard sole. The Native Ava Bloom is made from a bacteria-resistant material which makes it even more appealing for hot summer days.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Native Ava Bloom Vegan Slippers

  • Cleans waterways of excess algae and manufactures slippers from algae
  • Committed to recycling every pair of Native shoes for playground and building materials with the Remix Project 

#4 Noize

Noize makes a few styles of unisex vegan slippers that keep your feet cozy and the earth cool. The company has great initiatives to use recycled eco-friendly materials whenever possible and is committed to cruelty-free products with vegan leather, vegan fur, and vegan wool. The vegan slippers are comfortable with a hard durable sole for visits outside and around the home.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Noize considers itself a cruelty-free brand
  • Always uses vegan materials in ALL of their products
  • Algae-based insoles help marine life and allow your feet to breath

#5 Sanuk

Sanuk makes a few styles of vegan slippers and shoes. They have other sustainable models that are almost fully vegan, yet use recycled wool mixed with lyocell. The models which are vegan are clearly marked on their website and feature recycled material and straw. One of the best things about Sanuk is their machine washable capabilities, when they’re dirty, just throw them into the regular wash and PRESTO, they come out squeaky clean!

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Uses recyclable EVA foam in their outsoles
  • Sanuk has committed to incorporating recycled, repurposed, regenerated (plant-based), renewable (bio-based), and certified/preferred natural fibers in 100% of our footwear styles by 2025
  • Sanuk has removed all footwear poly bags entirely or replaced them with post-consumer recycled plastic

#6 Journee Collection

With over 50 styles of vegan slippers ranging from slip-on’s to booties, WE LOVE JOURNEE COLLECTION! Very reasonably priced and with lots of different colors and options to choose from.  Journee Collection has a quality guarantee and a 30-day money-back program in case you’re not 100% convinced.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

#7 Fuchsia

Fuchsia makes the most beautiful vegan slippers we’ve come across, they almost look too good to wear around the house. All of the styles by Fuchsia are made with vegan soles, and a faux suede inner lining, allowing your feet to breathe and stay cool and comfortable. These slippers remind me of perfect summer house wear while working from home. Fuchsia sells both slip-on mules and flats. We think these flats are beautiful enough to party in!

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Fuchsia supports ethical and sustainable labor practices for artisans 
  • Vegan slippers are durable and made with quality lasting longer and needed to be replaced less often
  • Made in Pakistan using sustainable materials

#8 Bearpaw

If you like the comfort and style of Uggs but hate the fact that they are not vegan, Bearpaw vegan slippers are your best bet! These booties and slip-on slippers are sooo cozy and warm, you won’t be able to take them off.  Bearpaw vegan slippers use a vegan microsuede outer while using a polyester blend interior to regulate temperature. Be sure to order the vegan styles, since this company still makes leather versions of the same slippers.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Bearpaw supports Forest Restoration by donating $20 000 to the Tahoe’s Forest Fund
  • Vegan styles are PETA approved and cruelty-free


NAOT has a few styles of vegan slippers. These slippers have a mattress foam lining and make them super comfortable for lounging around the house. We like NAOT because they clearly mark their vegan slippers on their website.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • NAOT donates approximately 15,000 pairs of shoes and sandals to local charities every year
  • Clearly marked as VEGAN on the website

#10 Freewaters

There is a reason we keep on running into this company. It is a truly socially responsible company making crazy cozy comfy vegan slippers.  Freewaters’ mission is to keep the oceans clean and limit their carbon footprint on the planet. They aim to make sure communities around the world have access to clean and safe drinking water. Their slippers provide a good deal of cushion and arch support, while also using recycled materials and recyclable packaging.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Freewaters aims to provide clean drinking water for in-need communities
  • Freewaters uses recycled materials in their soles and fabrics
  • 1 year warranty on all shoes means they are manufactured with quality in mind contributing to less waste in the world

#11 Larroude

If you’re looking for something a little fancier to wear around the house while working from home, Larroude may be your style for vegan slippers. Featured in many streams of fashion media, Larroude has cozy slip-on and mules that come with cushioned padding and faux fur. Vegan slippers are handcrafted with attention to detail.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Larroude only uses faux fur
  • Handmade in Brazil

#12 TOMS

TOMS has built a great business based on giving back and being conscious. I am now on my third pair of  TOMS Vegan Slippers, and I love them. They are not only warm and comfortable, but they have a harder sole so you can wear them outside briefly. Toms’ vegan slippers are usually made wider than their shoes to give wearers more comfort and make them easier to slip on and off.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • TOMS uses eco-fibers and recycled polyester
  • TOMS aims to use 100% recycled and organic cotton only by 2025
  • TOMS is conscious about its environmental score and continues to improve outputs

#13 Keen

Designed as outdoor enthusiast slippers, Keen vegan slippers are perfect for any occasion. With arch support and a wide foot, they provide extra comfort and warmth. The recycled polyester and vegan fill allows for warmth and insulation without the bulk.  Keen is a conscious company consistently looking to reduce its carbon footprint through initiatives such as reduced weight/dimension shipping, and utilizing recycled PET bottles as shoe materials.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Continues tries to reduce carbon by reducing shipping packages by size and weight
  • Uses recycled materials in their vegan slippers
  • Organizes eco-initiatives like trail clean-ups 

#14 Acorn

Founded in Maine, Acorn sells a few styles of vegan slippers. These slippers are well constructed, warm, and a few styles even come with arch support.  Acorn is committed to sustainability and is conscious about the materials, packaging, and keeping the environment green. They are experimenting with new types of materials such as algae and recycled materials. Be aware that many of their products are not vegan, so make sure to choose the right style for you.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Acorn is starting to use new materials like algae and recycled materials
  • Acorn is committed to sustainability efforts

#15 Monki

Founded in Sweden, Monki is a part of the H&M group. They have cozy, fluffy, PETA-certified vegan slippers. They aim to support women in the world in various ways.  Monki makes many slip-on slippers out of recycled PET bottle materials and aims to save water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Green Footprint in Every Pair of Vegan Slippers

  • Monki saves water and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Supports women
  • Uses recycled materials

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