Eco-Friendly Tights!? 12 Companies Teach Us How to Wear Stockings in a More Sustainably Green Way

Eco-friendly tights!? If you’ve ever given it a thought, you realize how polluting and energy-consuming tights can be. Finding better quality stockings made of recycled yarn is the best way to wear tights in a more eco-friendly way. Companies that take back old tights to recycle nylon fibers go the extra mile and pave the road for more eco-friendly tights.  

The Rise of Modern Day Tights

Have you ever thought about how our modern-day tights have come to be?

Only 60 years ago we were wearing stockings and garter belts without the top “panty” part of the hose. The new fashion was called “panty-legs” and revolutionized the way that we dress. The first stockings, made of cotton or silk, were criticized for their expense, durability, and comfort. In 1938, the Dupont Company started making the first nylon stockings which we are familiar with today.  

Unfortunately, the nature of nylon is not environmentally friendly. Nylon fibers are manufactured using non-renewable fossil fuels. They are another disposable plastic product that ends up in the landfill.  

Tights today are often made from a composition of different fibers, including spandex, nylon, lycra, cotton, and polyester. They usually have a large percentage of plastic wound up into each thread, making them stretchy and more wearable, but sadly not easily recyclable.   

The biggest problem with stockings today is the durability of the fabric. Often running and laddering after only one use, the lastingness makes them truly a disposable product today.  

Here are the 12 companies we have found that have gone the extra mile to offer a product that is greener, more sustainable, and eco-friendly. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission for suggesting them. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with the links provided in this article, yet I can confidently share these with you to help you be more sustainable!

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning that if you click the link, I may get a small portion of the sale at no cost to you. In no way does this affect our description or review of the following products. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.This is of no cost to you and does not skew our recommendations.

These 12 companies have gone the extra mile to offer eco-friendly tights that are greener, more sustainable, and better for the environment:

#1  Rawganique
#2  Hanes Ecosmart
#3 Sheertex
#4 Thought
#5 Pretty Polly
#6 Heist
#7 Seasalt Cornwall
#8 Luxury Legs
#9 Les Belles
#10 The Tights Spot
#11 Swedish Stockings
#12 Hedoine

Companies Making a Difference

Eco-Friendly Tights #1: Rawganique

Image by Rawganique

Rawganique Tights is a trailblazer in sustainable fashion, much like Organic Basics. They’re dedicated to creating eco-conscious hosiery while championing ethical labor practices and a transparent supply chain.

Rawganique’s tights feature 100% organic cotton, cultivated without pesticides or herbicides, similar to Organic Basics. Their tights range from 20-80 denier, marrying durability with eco-friendliness. Moreover, they incorporate recycled nylon into every pair, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Opting for Rawganique Tights isn’t just a fashion choice; it’s a statement of your dedication to sustainable living and eco-friendly style. With Rawganique, you’re making a mindful choice for the planet and the people who craft these eco-chic tights.

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Organic & Recycled: Rawganique Tights use organic cotton eco-dyes for eco-friendly fashion.
  • Resource Efficiency: They minimize resource use, conserving energy and reducing waste.
  • Earth-Friendly Choice: Rawganique is your go-to brand for stylish, planet-friendly tights.

Eco-Friendly Tights #2: Hanes Ecosmart Tights

Hanes Ecosmart Blackout Tights represents a unique fusion of style and sustainability, offering a new perspective on eco-friendly fashion.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Hanes Ecosmart Blackout Tights incorporate eco-conscious materials. These tights are crafted with recycled fibers, reducing the need for new resources and helping divert waste from landfills.

Versatile & Sustainable: With Hanes Ecosmart Blackout Tights, you can embrace sustainability without sacrificing style. These tights are designed to be both fashionable and environmentally responsible, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Wear with a Purpose: When you choose Hanes Ecosmart Blackout Tights, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re making an eco-conscious choice that aligns with your commitment to sustainability. It’s fashion that supports a greener and cleaner future.

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Knitted with recycled fabrics
  • 100% tights using recycled polyamide and recycled elastane
  • Hanes is a brand that has earned the public trust for years

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Eco-Friendly Tights #3: Sheertex

The sustainability of this company lies in the durability of the product.  Sheertex offers a 90-day guarantee on the majority of their tights and wearers have been astoundingly surprised by their fortitude. The company, unfortunately, does not use recycled yarn, and so this is one area where they have missed the mark.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Extreme durability makes Sheertex tights a fashion staple rather than a one-time use
  • 90 Day Guarantee on most tights

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Eco-Friendly Tights #4: Thought

Image by Thought

This is a company that creates with cyclical design in mind. From the procuring of materials to the end of a garment, Thought aims to reduce our consumption and have a lighter footprint on the earth. Each December, this company gives 1 pair of socks for every pair sold. To date, they have donated 50 000 pairs of socks! Based in the UK, this company makes its tights from recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and sustainable bamboo. They make tights that are durable with 40 denier weave, making them less likely to be nicked and laddered.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Uses only recycled polyester and nylon when making tights
  • Has sustainable breathable bamboo tights 
  • Thought considers design and responsible sourcing to foster change

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Eco-Friendly Tights #5: Pretty Polly

Image by Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly makes tights using biodegradable polyamide and elastane. The company claims that the tights will decompose 3-5 years after disposing of them. We think burying them in your backyard would give them the best chance to fully decompose given the fact they will have access to more oxygenated soil. They also have a full line of eco-wear tights that are affordable and comfortable to wear seam-free.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Manufactured using biodegradable yarn
  • Made in Italy in an OEKO-TEX accredited factory
  • Decomposes in a landfill in 3-5 years
  • Recyclable Cardboard Packaging

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Eco-Friendly Tights #6: Heist

Image by Heist

Heist sells a few styles of pantyhose that greatly reduces water and is made from over 86% sustainable pre-consumer recycled waste. The eco-friendly Fishnet tight and The Over Knee are two models that use less CO2 and H20 along the way than traditionally made stockings.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Fishnet Tights

  • Tights are made of recycled nylon fibers
  • Built to last

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Eco-Friendly Tights #7: Seasalt Cornwall 

Image by Seasalt Cornwall

Made in Italy from sustainable materials, these tights are fun and durable.  Seasalt Cornwall sells thick tights made from organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled nylon. The company prides itself on its sustainability strategy and its involvement in greenifying the community through innovation and giving back. 

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Tights are made from bamboo, organic cotton, or recycled nylon
  • Seasalt Cornwall promises to be Zero waste to landfills by the end of 2023
  • Seasalt Cornwall pledges to be carbon net zero by the end of 2040

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Eco-Friendly Tights #8: Luxury Legs

Image of SARAH BORGHI Tights

When you visit the Luxury Legs site, you’re faced with a plethora of options. Thankfully, Luxury Legs has a whole section devoted to sustainable and natural tights. They have a wide selection devoted to eco-friendly tights which are durable and comfortable. Made from recycled nylon, organic cotton, or bamboo, some of the tights found on Luxury Legs claim to be biodegradable and produced ethically in Italy with solar-powered production and recycled water.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Made from Recycled and biodegradable fibers
  • Even though Luxury Legs carries many non-sustainable brands, they are making the effort to sell brands that are more eco-friendly for the planet.  
  • Click here for eco-friendly tights brands

Eco-Friendly Tights #9: Les Belles

Image by Les Belles

Les Belles only sells eco-friendly tights and pantyhose. Their seamless and genderless, collections make it comfortable to wear no matter your size or gender.  Les Belles are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they do not use any environmentally harmful chemicals. The materials are 100% recycled, which is rare in the eco-friendly tights realm.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • 100% Recycled Material Including the elastane
  • Made in a Zero-Waste factory
  • Run Resistant and durable making them a long-lasting product

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Eco-Friendly Tights #10: The Tight Spot

Wolford Crochet Tights sold at the Tight Spot

The Tight Spot is another site that sells a variety of brands of eco-friendly tights. Under the sustainable section, you can find brands such as Wolford, Oroblu, Sheertex, and more. Some of the brands are more sustainable than others, but the reason we love the Tight Spot is for its multilingual, international, one-stop-shop for women’s eco-friendly tights.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Wolford tights are eco-friendly made from 100% recycled yarn
  • Oroblu tights are made from sustainable recycled materials and have a reinforced sole for durability
  • Pretty Polly has a sheer variety that is biodegradable–a first of its kind!

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Eco-Friendly Tights #11: Swedish Stockings

Image by Swedish Stockings

This company is the Queen of Sustainable Stockings. They pride themselves on being the world’s first circular hosiery brand. Their main business has been to create and invent truly sustainable stockings. They offer a recycling program where you can send used pantyhose to be recycled. Tights can be selected by denier, meaning, you can choose a tight with longer durability the higher the denier you select.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Uses only recycled nylon in the manufacturing of tights
  • Hosiery Recycling Club
  • Sends used nylon to be made into furniture and molded tanks for industry

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Eco-Friendly Tights #12: Hedoine

These eco-tights are completely seamless and have a wide comfort band at the top, making them stay in place giving you a great contour.  Hedoine not only makes its stockings from recycled water, and makes a long-lasting product but they are also OEKO-TEX certified and uses 100% recycled packaging materials.  Hedoine offers take-back recycling and gives you a credit when you do. They are manufactured in Italy and owned by women. Using recycled fibers would make this company one step closer to the greenest goal of sustainability.  

Green Footprint in Each Pair of Tights

  • Less water usage during production
  • Hedoine is committed to high quality, long-lasting products
  • Take back recycling program here

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are pantyhose made?

Check out this video to learn more about how tights are made

How It’s Made – Pantyhose

Are Tights Biodegradable?

Conventional tights, pantyhose, and hosiery are not biodegradable. The unfortunate truth is that tights will take 30-40 years to decompose in landfills. They are plastic products made of nylon which is a non-renewable resource made from fossil fuels. Companies, like Pretty Polly, are beginning to make compostable eco-friendly tights made from a biodegradable plastic alternative.  

Are pantyhose environmentally friendly?

Pantyhose, tights, and stockings are not environmentally friendly. They are one of the least eco-friendly items of clothing that we use in fashion today. One of the main reasons for their lack of sustainability is because they are such a delicate item, often running and tearing. They are regarded by many as disposable fashion items and have been coined ‘the plastic straws of the fashion industry.  

Some companies are making a greater effort to make tights a more eco-friendly option. These companies are making tights made from recycled nylon, bamboo, and organic cotton.  

Are tights vegan?

Almost all tights are vegan. The exception to this rule is tights that are made with wool. Since wool comes from sheep, it is not considered vegan.  

What does denier mean?

Denier describes the thickness of the tights or stockings. A higher denier means the tights are thicker making them more durable, opaque, and longer-lasting. A low denier (such 5-20) means the tights are thinner, more sheer, and more delicate garments. More durable tights tend to be in the 20-100 denier range.  

Is there plastic in tights?

Yes, almost all tights have some sort of plastic in them. Even eco-friendly tights have recycled nylon–a form of plastics. Tights made from bamboo still have to have spandex or elastane in them, making them partly composed of plastic.  

Are tights recyclable?

In order to recycle tights, you need to find a company such as Swedish Stockings, which will recycle any tights you send them. Most city-wide programs DO NOT recycle tights and stockings. The best way to recycle tights is by repurposing and reusing them for a variety of different uses once they are no longer usable, such as making hair ties and gardening props.  

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    1. I will look them up for sure and keep them in mind for future updates! Thank you!


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