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#1 Best Foaming Tablets Superbee Tabs 
#2  Best No-Foam TabletsHello
#3 Best for Sensitive Teeth PasteUncle Harry’s
#4 Best Countertop Allure TabletHuppy 
#5 Best Dip n’ Brush Powder The Dirt Tooth Powder
#6 Best Fluoride TabletUnpaste
#7 Best Vitamin Infused Tube ToothpasteBetter and Better
#8 Best Metal Tube PasteDavids
#9 Best Cost-Conscious TabletsDr. Noah
#10 Best Re-mineralizing PowderButter Me Up Organics

In my continued quest to limit my use of plastic, I have come across various ways to reduce plastic of all kinds. One of my goals was to reduce the many toothpaste tubes which our family throws out each year. Finding the best eco-friendly toothpaste has taken some time and patience. In this article, I share with you the 10 best eco-friendly toothpaste options I have found on the market today.   

There are 1.5 billion tubes of toothpaste that are discarded every year globally. And while that number may be hard to imagine, these toothpaste tubes sit in landfills for thousands of years.  If you are interested in eco-friendly toothbrushes, click here to see our best reviews.

Toothpaste tubes are largely unrecyclable due to the mixed materials that they are composed of, making them an environmental pitfall. Reducing toothpaste tubes is a small action that can make a big improvement if we all get on board with this goal.  

After trying various options, I have come to like the convenience of eco-friendly toothpaste tablets. At first, they seemed very different from the tubes of paste that I have grown accustomed to all my life, but I was able to quickly adapt them to my daily routine. No more sticky paste wasted onto the bathroom counter or time squeezing a tube!  

Eco-friendly toothpaste tablets are making their way into the mainstream drugstore shelves too! Toothpaste tablets resemble a large white pill chewed to form the “paste”. Some have a foaming agent and others don’t. There are also options to include fluoride or not. The CDA and the ADA still support the appropriate use of fluoride in preventing cavities. While many of our readers may be concerned about using fluoride toothpaste, many dentists still recommends alternating fluoride toothpaste with non-fluoride toothpaste if you still have concerns. 

Toothpaste tablets are not for everyone; if you’re a die-hard “paste” fan there are numerous companies that still develop toothpaste in eco-friendly glass containers, some of which we have reviewed here.   

The option for toothpaste powders also exists. Powder-form eco-friendly toothpaste is best for those who don’t regularly share their toothpaste since it’s best as a dip n’ brush option.  

Find more answers to your questions in our FAQ section of the article.

Here we have gone over the best eco-friendly toothpaste options available for you to kick your toothpaste paste tube to the curb for good!

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Eco-Friendly Toothpaste #1


Available FlavorsSpearmint
Cleaning FormatTablet
Duration of Container150 Brushes 
(about 2.5 months)
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?yes
Country of ManufactureThailand
Best For…Foaming Tablet

What impressed us the most about this toothpaste is how much it foams. If it is difficult for you to switch from traditional toothpaste, this might be your best natural tablet option.  

Crushing these tabs is easy and allows all of the tablets to fully dissolve into a paste.  

The hexagon shape is unique and allows you to make no mix-ups between anything else you might ingest. There is no fluoride in these tablets, making them truly a natural way of brushing. The taste is mild for kids. There is no salty taste as there is with some other brands.  

We found that the plastic-free aluminum tin is perfect for things like earrings, coins, and pills once you have finished your tablets.  

Advisory Details

After some use, although my teeth always feel clean, there doesn’t seem to be any real whitening power. The price point is a bit high, but the benefit of the foaming action really makes it worth it. Make sure not to leave the lid off in a humid climate, since they will get soft over time. These might be a little too abrasive for sensitive teeth regularly.  

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #2


Available FlavorsWatermelon Mint
Cleaning FormatTablet
Duration of Container60 washes 
(about 2 months)
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?no
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…No Foam Tablets

We have encountered a bunch of people that really don’t like foaming toothpaste. If you’re after an eco-friendly toothpaste that doesn’t foam, this one works very well.  

The tablets are larger and less compact than other brands, making them easy to chew and dissolve into your mouth. I never have a problem spreading the dissolved paste into all areas of my mouth. 

My sensitive teeth have not been affected by using this eco-friendly toothpaste. I feel like my teeth are very clean for a while after brushing, even if I have eaten or drank since brushing.  

The container is slim and nice looking as a display on the counter and can easily be used for other things after it is done. (i.e. drill some holes and make a salt shaker for picnics)   

I love the fact that they create absolutely no mess! No foam in the sink or paste on the counter.  

The flavor is mild enough for kids to use, but I found that the lack of foam deters children from using this paste.   

Advisory Details

The gritty feeling at first may take some getting used to for both kids and adults. It is best to wet it first to ensure a less crumbly consistency. The no-foaming agent is hard to get used to if you are just switching from mainstream toothpaste.  

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #3

Uncle Harry’s 

Available FlavorsPeppermint
Cleaning FormatPaste in a Glass Jar
Duration of Container3 months
Contains Fluoride?No 
Foaming Agent?No 
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…Sensitive Teeth

This eco-friendly toothpaste option is best for those who are looking for a very natural toothpaste that offers a completely different brushing experience. Forget your traditional ‘Crest’ feel and instead opt for an earthy/minty/salty taste.  

Spitting this toothpaste out at first takes some getting used to since it is gray in color, but the effectiveness, the clean feel, and the reduced sensitivity are what keep it flying off of the shelves. 

 Reviewers have raved about how this paste has remineralized their teeth with its all-natural composition. The eco-friendly toothpaste is great for anyone looking for an all-natural option who has sensitive teeth, looking for gentle whitening over time.  

Advisory Details

This eco-friendly toothpaste is very heavy with essential oils, so be forewarned that a strong clean feel will occur. The container has an advisory warning that it may contain lead. This is because it contains clay. After doing some digging we realized that anything that is used internally and is not food that comes from the ground and is sold in California must contain this warning. 

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #4


Available FlavorsPeppermint
Cool mint
Watermelon strawberry
Charcoal mint 
Cleaning FormatTablet
Duration of Container62 washes
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?yes
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…Countertop Allure

What we liked most about Huppy, other than its very esthetic tin, were the simple ingredients that compose this toothpaste. Huppy was similar to Hello in texture but seemed to foam a bit more. It was a bit less chalky as well.  

When we surveyed users of eco-friendly toothpaste, many indicated that this was by far their favorite brand. Huppy also sells mouthwash tabs, eco-friendly dental floss, and bamboo toothbrushes, making it a one-stop shop for all of your eco-friendly oral needs.  

Once you have the tin, Huppy sells replacement tabs without the tin too!  

The company has a strong mission to source sustainable and ethical products and makes sure that all of the packaging is recyclable or compostable. Huppy also gives 2% of all revenue to fund sustainability initiatives–a truly green company! 

Advisory Details

Some say that Huppy doesn’t foam enough for their needs. This is a personal preference, so you might want to try a few brands if you like the foaming sensation. Huppy is a bit on the costly side, but users find it easy to justify their price based on the company’s mission and the quality of the eco-friendly toothpaste. The taste is a bit strong for some users too. 

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #5

The Dirt Tooth Powder

Available FlavorsSuper Mint
Sweet Spice
Cinna Mint
Rose Clove
Sweet Cinnamon
Cleaning FormatPowder
Duration of Container3 Month Tub or
6 month tub
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?no
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…Variety of Flavors

This is one of the most popular tooth powders that we came across. People love this stuff! The variety of different flavors is sure to please everyone. It is the perfect dip n’ brush solution for someone who doesn’t share their toothpaste.  

The Dirt cleans the teeth and gums very well. The texture is very fine and not very granular, making it easy to fit in between each and every tooth. It has a pleasantly mild taste and is not too strong. The aftertaste is also mild and not overpowering but manages to leave your mouth feeling clean for a while afterward.  

Many users see improvements in their teeth from the re-mineralizing properties that this eco-friendly toothpaste offers. The Dirt toothpaste keeps breath fresher for longer than regular toothpaste.  

When brushing with The Dirt, the powder will turn your teeth brown until you rinse, taking away surface stains very well. This eco-friendly toothpaste is good for anyone with sensitive teeth since it is not too abrasive or harsh.  

The six-month jar actually lasts 6 months, making it super simple to order twice a year and forget about buying toothpaste. The jar is glass and has a good seal on it for traveling.  

Advisory Details

The Dirt toothpaste may be strong for some users, leaving red blotches around the lips for about 30 minutes when/if it dribbles from the mouth. It is a bit of a hit and miss since most users don’t have this problem. 

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #6


Available FlavorsPeppermint
Charcoal-no flavor
Cleaning Formattablet
Duration of Container120 washes
(about 2 months)
Contains Fluoride?yes
Foaming Agent?yes
Country of ManufactureEurope
Best For…Fluoride Tablets

There seem to be more options available for non-fluoride tablets than for fluoride tablets.  This is why we like UNPASTE for those that still want to incorporate fluoride into their oral hygiene routine.  There is a fluoride-free version too.  

We loved the paper packaging of the bag that is printed with SOY ink!  This checks all boxes for a green footprint.  This toothpaste requires you to buy your own jar or container, but this wasn’t a problem at all for us since it was easy to reuse packaging from other household products that we use.  

Advisory Details

Make sure that the packaging that you select to keep your tablets in is airtight, as they will absorb moisture from the air.  Some users found the tablets a little hard to get used to the taste.  

The flavor is mild and the texture is a little chalky if you fail to add some water to your mouth before chewing.  The tablets contain baking soda to whiten teeth, this might be a little abrasive for sensitive teeth.  

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #7

Better and Better

Available FlavorsEnergy
Cleaning FormatVitamin Infused Paste
Duration of Container3 months
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?no
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…Vitamin Infused
Eco-Friendly Toothpaste

Micro dosing is something that we are encountering more and more in our society. It is the concept of taking very small amounts of a drug or vitamin to test or benefit from its physiological/physical action while minimizing undesirable side effects. This toothpaste claims to be a pioneer brand because of its microdosing of vitamins and minerals which absorb into your gums during brushing.  

The vitamins that are targeted from these pastes are Zinc, Vitamin B12, D3, C, and E, depending on which tube you choose.  

The flavor is a soft mint that is very pleasant and not too strong. It makes your mouth feel clean while not overly powerful.  

Using Better and Better toothpaste actually made us feel healthier! We’re not sure if this was just a placebo or actually contributed to better health, but either way, we are sold. 

The tubes are recyclable and made from sugar cane plastic, which is a step in the right direction.  

There is a subscription available to minimize the cost and burden of having to think about buying toothpaste.  

Advisory Details

Some users find the taste hard to get used to. The cap of the toothpaste container seems a little fragile and can break easily. The no-foaming formulation is not for everyone either.  

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #8


Available FlavorsStrawberry Watermelon
Natural Peppermint
Natural Spearmint
Peppermint Charcoal
Herbal Citrus Mint
Cleaning FormatMetal Tube Paste
Duration of Container3 months
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?no
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…Anyone who wants natural
eco-friendly toothpaste in a

People love Davids! David has been around since 2015 and since then has been a go-to solution for many looking to switch to more natural ingredients. Davids toothpaste includes a “key” with every purchase so that users can make sure to squeeze out every last drop before recycling the tube.  

The consistency of this eco-friendly toothpaste is very similar to that of traditional mainstream brands only because it doesn’t foam up, it may seem watery to some.  

The flavors are mild and pleasant tasting unless you choose the peppermint variety, which is very strong. Kids like the fruit-flavored toothpaste. The cleaning quality is very good, with teeth feeling clean for hours afterward.  

Advisory Details

Recycling the tube doesn’t come that easy. On Davids’ website, they indicate that you have to cut both ends off and clean it out. Be very careful when doing this as you could easily cut yourself on the sharp edges!  

If you like this toothpaste and consistently buy it, you may end up with numerous “rollers”, these can be appropriated for other tubes like substances, such as drywall filler, makeup, and anything else in a tube.  

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #9

Dr. Noah

Available FlavorsCitrus Mint
Cleaning FormatTablet
Duration of Container3 months
Contains Fluoride?yes
Foaming Agent?yes
Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
Best For…Cost Conscious
Consumers who
are looking for a
foaming fluoride tablet

If you’re looking for a fluoride toothpaste tablet and you find other options on the costly side, this is the choice for you. Instead of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, this eco-friendly toothpaste tablet uses sodium socoyl glutamate, which is said to be sulfate-free and less irritating to the skin.  

These tablets foam a lot compared to many others on the market. Most users appreciate the foam as it makes them feel like they have fully cleaned their teeth. The cleaning quality is very good for these tablets.  

The tablets taste sweet due to the natural xylitol. All of the flavors are naturally found, and users really like the unique and refreshing citrus flavor.  

The container is made out of tin, or you can purchase the 180 tab refill which is unfortunately a plastic bag.  

Advisory Details

The refill bag is not recyclable or compostable, so it may be something this company could consider in the future.  

Eco Friendly Toothpaste #10

Butter Me Up Organics

Available Flavorscinnamon
Cleaning Formatpowder
Duration of Container3 months
Contains Fluoride?no
Foaming Agent?no
Country of ManufactureUSA
Best For…Supporting Woman-Owned 
Small Eco-Friendly Business

Jillian makes every recipe herself. Butter me up organics offers two types of toothpaste: a mineral clay-based powder, and a charcoal paste. She uses only the highest quality ingredients and ensures that all of the packaging, labels, and ink are sustainably sourced materials.  

The charcoal PASTE is designed to whiten teeth, while the clay-based powder is made more for remineralizing from an ayurvedic standpoint. The powder paste is an amazing way to clean your teeth and refresh your breath.  

We love supporting women-owned small businesses that do great work. Butter Me Up Organics also sells a variety of other awesome natural products, which is why we had to include the toothpaste in our write-up!

Advisory Details

The charcoal paste is made from coconut oil as well and will harden in cooler climates.   


Why is toothpaste not eco-friendly?

The worst offender when it comes to mainstream toothpaste is the tubes. More than a billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out globally on an annual basis.  

Colgate published on their own website that “most toothpaste tubes are made from sheets of plastic laminate, which is usually a combination of different plastics sandwiched around a thin layer of aluminum that protects the toothpaste’s flavor and fluoride.” [1] This composition of materials is not compostable or recyclable and ultimately needs to be disposed of in landfill creating unnecessary waste.  

Mainstream toothpaste also contains certain chemicals such as Pink and Blue colorants and phosphor which are poisonous to fish and can create an abundance of algae when flushed into our waterways. Eco-friendly toothpaste omits such ingredients.  

What is the most eco-friendly toothpaste?

The most eco-friendly toothpaste is a toothpaste that leaves no footprint behind. The next best toothpaste is that in which the container can be recycled or reused. All of the suggestions here in our article would fall into this category.   

Why use charcoal toothpaste?

Charcoal toothpaste has been quite popular recently. The touted benefits of charcoal toothpaste are based on its non-toxic ability to whiten teeth (since activated charcoal can actually be ingested).  
Currently, there are no professional dental associations, such as the ADA or CDA, which advise the use of charcoal-based dentifrices since there are unproven claims of efficacy and safety. 

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