16 Sustainable & Organic Cotton Pajamas You Need for Every Season

Finding the right organic cotton pajamas means taking into consideration the quality of the materials and the weight of the fabric depending on the season.

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Men & Women’s PJsMade TradeSijoHarvest + MillUnited by Blue
Kid and Baby’s PJsFinn + EmmaHannah AnderssonMonica + AndyL’oved Baby
Whole Family PJsNest DesignsHart + LandHannah AnderssonMightly
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Did you know that we spend up to a third of our life in bed?  Besides breathing, sleep is the next most important function that we need as humans.  The quality of our sleep matters.  

Mainstream regular cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, making the crop one of the dirtiest for cultivation and toxic.  Many of those chemicals remain on the cotton threads, making them unhealthy, and contributing to the many of the chemicals that are already unavoidable in our day-to-day interactions. 

We did our best to find companies that are GOTS certified, meaning that must meet strict environmental and social criteria, including the use of eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes and chemicals, the use of sustainable farming practices, and fair treatment and pay for workers involved in the production process.

GOTS pyjamas are a popular choice for individuals who want to minimize their exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins in their clothing and reduce their impact on the environment. They are available in a range of styles and designs for both children and adults.

When we can choose to be green and non-toxic, organic cotton pajamas for our sleepwear is a great option.  

Finding the right weight and consistency in the fabric is important too depending on the season and climate.  A good night’s sleep means being comfortable and that means finding the right pajamas for the season.  

We did a whole lot of research to find you the best non-toxic, organic cotton pajamas for every season for the whole family! Here are our top picks to keep your slumber sound.  

Have some questions about organic and sustainable slumber wear?  Click here to move down to our FAQ section.  

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Women’s Organic Cotton Pajamas


For women: Why do we love Coyuchi for spring?

Coyuchi has a great array of lightweight (but not too thin), easy to layer for various temperatures. In spring, we often need clothing that can be altered for warm or cool nights. Coyuchi provides comfort, unique styles, and materials that are perfect for the season, making it a great choice for organic cotton pajamas for Spring. Coyuchi allows you to mix and match depending on your preferences for sleep. They have nightgowns, short-sleeves, long-sleeves, men’s wear, as well as fitted and boxy styles.  

Unique Features

  • Adjustable straps
  • Pockets
  • Layerable
  • Also sells Organic-Cotton Bedding, Linen, and Organic Home Essentials

Green Footprint

Coyuchi has been a leader in green fashion since 1991. The company has a unique takeback program where consumers can send back second-hand linens for recycling and reusing. They use only 100% organic cotton and organic linen, which means less water needed for production and fewer chemicals. They are driven by innovation and a deep feeling of responsibility for the planet. They are GOTS pyjamas, meaning that they go the extra mile to make sure that farming and cultivation are sustainable, and chemicals commonly used in the conventional production of cotton are not used anywhere during the manufacturing process.  

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For women: Why do we love Boody for summer?

Boody makes loungewear for both men and women out of super-soft, sustainable, viscose made from bamboo. They sell cozy shorts, tanks, pants, and short and long sleeve tops that can all be worn comfortably during the most brazen heatwave. The soft viscose maintains its shape, hugging your curves perfectly, yet also giving you room to move for a comfortable sleep. We are in love with this fabric for summer!

Unique Features

  • Viscose Fabric helps to regulate body temperature
  • Deep pockets in pajama pants 
  • Many items can double as streetwear
  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Also sells men’s loungewear and baby wear 

Green Footprint

Boody uses organic toxin-free bamboo plants to make all of their clothing. This closed-loop process makes sure that no pesticides and fertilizers are used in production. Bamboo plants also grow with low-water consumption, making them even greener for the planet. Water that is used in production is cleaned and recycled. Boody is considered slow fashion. The company adheres to strict, fair-trade labor practices.  

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Leena and Lu

For women: Why do we love Leena and Lu for Fall?

Leena and Lu is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton Jersey. The fabric and designs are both stretchy and form-fitting. Leena and Lu sells pajama sets that have an array of colors perfect for the fall season. Depending on where you are in the world, Leena and Lu allows for short or long-sleeve selection, making it versatile for organic cotton pajamas for Fall in various places. The long-dress nightgowns and robes allow for easy layering and a variety of combinations. 

Unique Features

  • Elegant pajama design
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Owned by women (sisters)
  • Rooted in Peru

Green Footprint

Leena and Lu is committed to making clothing that is great for both the environment and the people wearing it. They use only Organic Pima Cotton, free of pesticide and chemicals from production. They use eco-friendly dyes that are non-toxic to people, animals, and the planet.  

Packaging is plastic-free and compostable and recyclable, making it a zero-waste product.  

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Mate the Label

For women: Why do we love Mate the Label for Winter?

Mate offers organic cozy organic cotton pajamas and thermal options perfect for the cold. You can mix and match their sets based on your style and climate. The pallet of colors is perfect to brighten up and match the season.  

Unique Features

  • Mate details the cost per wear
  • Also sells Men’s and Kidswear
  • Services the Basics with a wide range of colors
  • Each item details the amount of water, carbon, and plastic saved from the environment

Green Footprint

Mate provides essentials that are clean from “seed to skin”. Mate makes their clothing at home in Los Angeles with all-natural and organic materials like cotton and linen. They source organic dyes and pay workers a fair wage and a safe environment. All packaging is plastic-free, and they have created a take-back recycling program for old garments using a mechanical fiber recycler.  

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Made Trade

For Men & Women: Why we love Made Trade for Spring?

Made Trade selects only the best, most comfortable garments for men. Lightweight with elegant tones of gray, this fabric holds shape yet stretches perfectly for all-night comfort keeping you cool on hot spring nights, and warm when the spring feels like winter. Made Trade is either made of ethically sourced organic cotton or bamboo Lyocell. They offer both short and long sleeve options for organic cotton pajamas.

Unique Features

  • Made Trade has unisex items available
  • Made Trade is Women-owned 
  • Made Trade makes both women and baby clothing too!
  • Made Trade brings together various sustainable brands for a one-stop shop!

Green Footprint

Made Trade consciously promotes only “ethically elevated” standards. They put fair wages above profits and quality over quantity. They value transparency in their business and make sure that each product they sell stands up to their eight core values of sustainability. Made Trade is a women-owned family-run business. 

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For Men & Women: Why do we love Sijo for Summer?

Lightweight, moisture-wicking, and so soft! Sijo pajamas are perfect for warm summer nights. The material is both stretchy and form-fitting, giving you room to move throughout the night. The TENCEL lyocell fiber is breathable and can double as casual streetwear.  

Unique Features

  •  Sijo also sells Sustainable Home Furnishing like linen sheets, eucalyptus sheets, and essential oils
  • Clima technology adapts to body temperature
  • Eucalyptus is hypoallergenic and extremely soft
  • Both women’s and men’s bottoms have pockets

Green Footprint

Sijo utilizes eucalyptus as their fabric of choice for pajamas, making it a greener choice than conventional cotton or man-made blend. The dyes used in the production of their garments are not harsh. They buy responsibly farmed eucalyptus and aim to reduce water consumption throughout production.  

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Harvest & Mill

For Men: Why do we love Harvest & Mill for fall?

Harvest & Mill reminds us of the earthy colors and textures perfect for fall. Tan-colored clothing and heirloom brown look and feel like the most comfortable casual pants ever. The unique raw organic cotton is grown brown rather than white, and is more drought-resistant, adding to its green footprint. The undyed cotton threads make this an even more non-toxic option for organic cotton pajamas.  

Unique Features

  • Undyed cotton is almost unheard of in the industry using fewer chemicals and water in production
  • Harvest & Mill uses drought resistant and pest resistant organic brown cotton
  • All cotton is grown in the USA
  • All garments are sewn sustainably in the USA

Green Footprint

Harvest & Mill is a leg up over some of its competitors when it comes to being green and non-toxic. This company grows local, weaves local, sews local, and ships worldwide! They are conscious about the footprint they leave on the earth by carefully dyeing their garments with natural dyes or leaving cotton undyed and raw. Harvest & Mill also uses no plastics and makes sure that the production of their garments releases zero micro-plastics into the environment.  

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United by Blue

For men: Why do we love United by Blue for winter?

Organic cotton flannel pajamas and organic thermal tops make United by Blue perfect for the cooler season. United by Blue gives you the cozy feeling of being inside on a cold winter day. The Bison Fur socks are uniquely woven and keep you warm throughout the winter. The colors are bright but masculine, and the company has progressive sustainability and eco goals.  

Unique Features

  • Also sells home furnishings
  • Uses recycled materials in fabrics
  • Uses Unique fibers like Bison Fur and Hemp 
  • United by Blue organizes “clean-ups” nationwide.  Click here to join!

Green Footprint

United by Blue uses unique and organic fabric blends like hemp, cotton, bison, modal, wool, and Tencel. They are a certified B corporation/GOTS pajamas, meaning that they have been recognized as a company with the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. They strive to clean up the oceans by organizing clean-ups nationwide and by setting and exceeding clean-up goals.  

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Finn + Emma

For Kids and Babies: Why we love Finn + Emma for spring?

Finn + Emma has a huge array of buttery-soft organic cotton short-sleeve pajamas for babies and kids. They are made for comfort with a large waistband and are reasonably priced as a premium product. The colors are bright and patterns are often paired with a matching solid top or bottom piece. Perfect organic cotton pajamas for spring!

Unique Features

  • Cuffed ankles make kids pajamas extra comfortable
  • Large stretchy waistbands 
  • Perfect for non-toxic baby gifts and registry
  • All organic, non-toxic, and sustainably made

Green Footprint

Finn + Emma manufacture their clothing, toys, and accessories in India, paying (mostly women) a living wage. Their clothing is quality woven, sewn, and designed, making it perfect as a gift or even better as a hand-me-down.  

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Hannah Andersson

For kids and babies: Why do we love Hannah Andersson for summer?

Full disclosure, we LOVE Hannah Andersson for EVERY season. With its bright colors and short sleeve options, it also makes the perfect choice for organic cotton pajamas for summer. This company produces quality garments that can withstand the 50 wash-n-dry test, keeping color and fabrics bright for years to come.  

Unique Features

  • Bright, fun designs for the whole family
  • Holiday pajamas for various celebrations
  • Licensed Disney, Star Wars, and other character pajamas
  • Hannah Andersson Sells full collection of Organic Clothing for children

Green Footprint

Hannah Andersson sells GOTS pajamas. “GOTS pajamas are free of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment throughout the production process, and that workers are guaranteed safe working conditions.” (1) Ensuring standards are continually upheld, GOTS certification is renewed every year. Hannah Andersson adheres to a “hand-me-down” philosophy, making quality clothing that lasts. All of their products are organic and use water-soluble dyes.  

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Monica + Andy

Kids and Babies: Why we love Monica + Andy for Fall?

Simple prints and dreamy organic cotton make Monica+ Andy perfect for fall. With the option to personalize the pj’s with embroidery, Monica + Andy can be a warm-hearted gift too. The fabric weight, texture, and sleeve option make it a good choice for organic cotton pajamas for fall.  

Unique Features

  • Personalized Pajamas
  • Female founded company
  • GOTS certified
  • Storefront location and organized baby events in NYC and Chicago

Green Footprint

Monica + Andy has sourced the softest organic cotton. They are GOTS certified meaning that they ensure organic cotton goods are free of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment throughout the production process and that workers are guaranteed safe working conditions.  

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Kids and Babies: Why we love L’ovedbaby for winter?

Nothing beats L’ovedbaby for both kids’ and adults’ pajamas for winter. They have a complete collection of thermal organic cotton pajamas for all ages. Many pajamas are plain colored onesies, or two and three-piece sets. They have a great selection of winter patterns too.  

Unique Features

  • Full collection of thermal pajamas for the whole family
  • Tagless to ensure added comfort
  • Women’s pajamas have snaps for easy breastfeeding
  • Unisex colors and styles for children
  • Baby footie pajamas have grip soles so children don’t slip

Green Footprint

L’ovedbaby uses only the most non-toxic, GOTS-certified dyes and cotton. GOTS certification means that they ensure organic cotton goods are free of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment throughout the production process and that workers are guaranteed safe working conditions. Their garments are ethically made in India and they use chrome/lead/nickel-free zippers, which means that fewer chemicals are being transferred to babies and children.  

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Whole family PJs: Why we love Mightly for Spring?

Perfectly weighted organic cotton pajamas for spring. Mightly has short and long-sleeve options, as well as shorts and pant-type pajamas. They have brightly colored striped organic cotton pajamas and have a fun family option around the holidays.  

Unique Features

  • National Parent Product Awards 2020 Winner
  • Pre-shrunk fabric ensure sizes fit to size
  • GOTS certified
  • Uses no flame retardants in clothing

Green Footprint

The GOT Standard does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs in farming or the manufacturing of textiles. Mightly is Fair Trade certified and they work with smallholder farming families to ensure even greater sustainability. The cotton Mightly procures uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than non-organic cotton farming.  

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Hannah Andersson

Whole Family PJs: Why do we love Hannah Andersson for summer?

Cheerful prints and lightweight ribbed organic cotton pajamas for summer make Hannah Andersson a great choice! Women have the option to go for a traditional 2-piece matching set, or a snap-down nightgown, perfect for summer.   

Unique Features

  • Bright, fun designs for the whole family
  • Holiday pajamas for various celebrations
  • Licensed Disney, Star Wars, and other character pajamas
  • Sells full collection of Organic Clothing for children

Green Footprint

Hannah Andersson is GOTS certified. “GOTS ensures organic cotton goods are free of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment throughout the production process, and that workers are guaranteed safe working conditions.” (1) Ensuring standards are continually upheld, GOTS certification is renewed every year. Hannah Andersson adheres to a “hand-me-down” philosophy, making quality clothing that lasts. All of their products are organic and use water-soluble dyes.  

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Nest Designs

Whole Family PJs: Why do we love Nest Designs for fall?

Nest Designs has a perfect “Woodland Wonders” collection that makes the perfect choice for organic cotton pajamas for fall. Their array of eco-friendly fabrics features wooded autumn animals such as rabbits, quails, and deer. Patterns are great for both adults and kids. The bright animal prints in the Eric Carle collection make this a great mother-child/baby choice for fall too! Nest Designs even touts that their collections make a perfect fit for fall!

Unique Features

  • Themed collections
  • Various types of eco-fabrics such as bamboo, Pima, Sonora, Tambocell
  • Baby items have a TOG rating to tell you the thickness of the fabrics and a diagram illustrating the features of each garment on the website to help you make an easy choice for each item
  • Baby onesies have a two-way zipper—this feature is very helpful for changing babies and is unique to baby clothes.  
  • Sells sleepsacks, swaddle onesies, and wearable blankets for babies and toddlers

Green Footprint

Nest Designs uses an array of unique and common eco-fabrics. The company has various certifications such as ECO CERT meaning that they are environmentally friendly and work with organic industry standards. They test the quality and performance of the materials, making sure they last longer. They make sure that the forest is ethically harvested. They are GOTS certified and OEKO certified, meaning that they take environmental practices to the highest level and make sure their garments are safe and non-toxic.  

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Hart and Land

Whole Family PJs: Why do we love Hart + Land for Winter?

Fun and unique prints for the whole family! Hart + Land makes their organic cotton pajamas out of quality organic Pima cotton. Pima cotton’s longer threads allow for a greater thread count and more warmth for winter.  

Unique Features

  • Think fish, skiers, dogs, lemons, bugs, airplanes…and more in terms of prints
  • The Tot also sells other non-toxic quality items for the Home and Children
  • Hart + Land is the Tot’s first private label clothing brand
  • Also sells bamboo clothing for babies and children

Green Footprint

The Tot has a long list of toxic materials that they avoid in all of the products they sell. They strive to make sure that the garments that are sold using GOTS certified organic cotton and sustainable manufacturing practices. They practice transparency when it comes to disclosing where the materials are sought and the goods are made. The company prides itself on ‘The Tot Test’, making sure that products are safe for big and little consumers.  

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Pajama Buying Guide for EVERY Season (Return to Reviews)

Why is it important to switch pajamas with the season?

It is important to switch pajamas for every season to help you regulate your body temperature and get a better night’s sleep. Being too hot, or too cold is often one of the top reasons why people wake up during the night. Having the right fabric weight can give you a more restful night’s sleep.

What are the top three sustainable materials to make comfortable pajamas?

From our lengthy research on the different types of materials and pajamas available we have found organic cotton pajamas, eucalyptus, and bamboo to be the most comfortable.

What fabric makes the warmest sustainable pajamas?

The warmth of a sustainable pajama is dependent on the TOG rating of the fabric. Thermal organic cotton pajamas usually has a higher TOG rating, meaning that it is thicker and will keep you warmer. Flannel can also be made with a high TOG rating and also be organic. Although synthetic fleece is very warm, it is made as a byproduct of fossil fuels and cannot be considered sustainable unless it is bought second-hand or manufactured using recycled polyethylene terephthalate, otherwise known as PET in many parts of the world.  

What fabric makes the coolest sustainable pajamas?

From our extensive research into the density of fabrics for pajamas, we found that a very thin organic cotton fabric makes a great pajama. Bamboo (rayon or viscose) is also very cool, yet not as sustainable since it is a semi-synthetic fiber. Eucalyptus fiber (Tencel), is also semi-synthetic and is very cooling against the skin.  

What’s the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton?

Organic cotton pajamas is much better for the environment and your health. To grow organic cotton, farmers do not use synthetic chemicals and pesticides to aid production. They also require less water to grow the crops and manufacture the fiber. For more information about how sustainable fashion is saving the world, click here to read this article.  

What are the best pajamas for night sweats?

We found that a very thin organic cotton fabric makes a great pajama and also keeps you cool and absorbs sweat. Linen pajamas can also do the same thing, but need to be washed and dried several times before they become as comfortable as organic cotton pajamas.   

Why is organic cotton better for you?

Organic cotton is better for your health since it is exposed to fewer toxins throughout its manufacturing. Oftentimes, companies that are using organic cotton are also using non-toxic dyes. The toxins found in conventional cotton end up staying on the garment and transferring in trace amounts to your body potentially causing health problems. Organic cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable and non-toxic. 

Are organic pajamas worth it?

If you are trying to avoid as many contaminants as possible, switching to organic cotton pajamas can help you to reduce your toxic load.  Since we spend a third of our life in bed, we feel this is worth it! There are a variety of price ranges for organic cotton pajamas. Sometimes organic cotton pajamas can be found for less than conventional pieces.  

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