12 Best Bamboo Plates For Your Party, Home & Baby

OccasionBest Options Available
Best for Babies
& Toddlers
#1 Fox Bamboo Plate 
#2 Wee Sprout Bamboo Plates
#3 Baby Bamboo Set
#4 Get Fresh Divided Plate
Best Disposable
#1 Chic Leaf Disposable Pates
#2 Bambu Disposable Plates
#3 Naturally Chic Bamboo Plates 
#4 Disposable Wood Boat Plates
Best for
#1 Fable Bamboo Dinnerware
#2 Morgiana Bamboo Fiber Dinnerware Set
#3 Bamboo Land Set for 4
#4 Acacia Wood Dinner Plates

I was recently asked about eco-friendly plastic-free options to feed a growing toddler, and while a few ideas came to mind, I couldn’t help but recommend bamboo plates as a non-toxic and durable solution for parents looking to steer free of plastic.  

Bamboo is an easy-to-grow crop compared to the pines and firs generally grown to produce paper products. A typical disposable bamboo plate will be composted in 4-6 months. That got me thinking about the numerous benefits that bamboo plates have to offer for various occasions.  

Outdoor parties and events usually require the use of some sort of disposable dinnerware. Disposable bamboo plates can make your outdoor party look and feel more elegant than simply using paper or (even worse) plastic plates! Disposable bamboo plates are also more sturdy than both plastic and paper and offer your guest a quality dining experience. They also provide additional decor for a themed party.  

Bamboo dinnerware is now emerging more in kitchens these days due to its lightweight, shatterproof, and smooth modern look. They are a non-toxic and eco-friendly way to serve dinner daily. Many people are using sets of bamboo plates for backyards, outdoor home dining, and as a great lightweight option for picnics. 

Read our FAQ Section for the most commonly asked questions about bamboo plates.  

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After finding hundreds of bamboo plates, we narrowed this list to the 12 Best Bamboo plates to suit every occasion. 

 #1 Best Giftable:

Bamboo Bamboo Fox Plate for Kids

Image by

We liked this plate so much we have given it as a gift numerous times. This plate is made from sturdy quality bamboo, unlike other plates that we have seen. It is NOT a disposable bamboo plate, it is made from non-toxic bamboo and silicon and is a quality piece in any family kitchen with kids.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

The silicon suction is very strong and resists the baby’s attempts to throw the plate.

The shape and the partition are fun for kids and the suction is removable so that you can transition this plate for children.

The unboxing makes a great gift for baby showers and first birthdays.

Melamine free bamboo plates

Advisory Details

Make sure to wash by hand and towel dry each time to avoid cracking.

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 #2 Best Colorful:

Wee Sprout Bamboo Plates for Kids

Wee Sprout Bamboo Plates are a great alternative for any families looking to shy away from plastic plates for kids. The Wee Sprout Bamboo plates come with a lifetime warranty and any cracks or breaks are quickly replaced by Wee Sprout with their excellent customer service. We like that the colors of the Wee Sprout Bamboo Plates available can be tailored to match the kitchen décor with more subdued pastel colors. The plates are great for a busy family since they are dishwasher safe and stack very well. 

What We Liked Most About These Wee Sprout Bamboo Plates?

Lifetime warranty

Dishwasher safe

Smooth finish and quality feel 

Excellent customer service

These plates are great for cutting kids’ food since they do not scratch like plastic

Great colors to match kitchens

Durable long-lasting non disposable bamboo plates

Advisory Details

If the plate cracks the customer service for this company is EXCELLENT and will send you a new set at ANY point in time. The product is made with non-toxic, food-safe melamine. Resist the urge to use it in the microwave for added safety.

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#3 Best Set:

NutriChef Baby Bamboo Dinnerware Set

 This is another great gift set. The packaging is well put together and displays very well. The bamboo is thick and very easy to clean. It is smooth and very colorful for kids. The suction is strong and sticks very well to high chairs and smooth tables. The partitions are great for picky toddlers not wanting their food to touch. Great portions as well. Overall, this set is a win!

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Giftable Packaging

Thick smooth bamboo

Strong suction on the plate and bowl

Well portioned partitions

Quality, non disposable bamboo plates

Melamine free bamboo plates

Advisory Details

We do not recommend using the spoon for feeding since it is painted and has been known to peel off. Use the spoon for the playhouse or in the garden for kids.  

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  #4 Best Partitioned:

Get Fresh Divided Plate for Kids

We really like these partitioned plates because they’re durable, dishwasher safe, and easily stackable. The sections are deeper than competitor products making them great portion sizes. They hold up really well in the dishwasher. The colors are brighter than plastic and they have a stone texture to them. They do not leave scratch marks when you cut on them as plastic does.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Deep partitions

Dishwasher Safe

Easily stackable

Bright colors

Smooth Surface


Advisory Details

These are not warrantied and they might crack if you drop them. They are a little heavier than traditional plastic plates for kids

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  #5 Best Elegant Disposable:

Chic Leaf Disposable Bamboo Plates

These will make your party stand out as they are almost too nice to throw out. They come in both dinner and dessert sizes and can easily be thrown out into your household compost pile. These are way sturdier than any paper plate and are perfect for any “cutting” dish, like steak or lasagna. We’ve heard of many people using these for themed celebrations such as eco-weddings or Hawaiian-themed parties.  

What We Liked Most About These Disposable Bamboo Plates?

These plates are sturdy and elegant

We loved the variety of sizes and shapes available

They are easily composted in the home compost pile

They present very well and are a way better option than plastic, Styrofoam, or paper plates

Melamine free bamboo plates

Advisory Details

These are not actually Bamboo, they are palm leaves, which are actually even more eco-friendly because they are made from fallen leaves rather than forested bamboo wood. Some of the plates seem to have dark marks on them, we have read that these marks are actually naturally occurring marks from the leaves.

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#6 Best for Large Parties:

 Bambu Square Disposable Bamboo Plates

Perfect plates for hors d’oeuvres or desserts! They are lightweight with a natural light wood color which presents very well when serving food. We liked how economical these plates are compared to others when you buy in bulk. They will grant you many compliments and they decompose easily in the household compost bin.   

What We Liked Most About These Disposable Bamboo Plates?


Brighter and lighter wood color without any dark marks compared to palm-leaf plates

Well crafted disposable bamboo plates

Perfect size for apps and dessert

Melamine free bamboo plates

Advisory Details

Remember to put in some “wet” material (such as grass or fruit peels) when composting these disposable bamboo plates to allow them to break down quicker. 

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#7 Best Round Disposable:

 Naturally Chic Disposable Bamboo Plates


Not only are these disposable bamboo plates round and large, but they are also great for serving dinners that have a variety of dishes such as Indian or Asian cuisines. The separator ensures that food is well portioned and distributed on the plates. The disposable bamboo plates are sturdy and do not leak through. They are economical and look great for guests.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Large partitioned plates are perfect for Indian food or cuisines with a variety of choices


Look great at a dinner party

Melamine free bamboo plates

Advisory Details

These are not actually Bamboo, they are palm leaves, which are actually even more eco-friendly because they are made from fallen leaves rather than forested bamboo wood. Some of the plates seem to have dark marks on them, we have read that these marks are actually naturally occurring marks from the leaves

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  #8 Best Economical Disposable:

Compostable Wood Boat Plates 

These plates are a great economical solution for a casual party. They look great and are very lightweight. We recommend buying the biggest size since the smaller sizes are only good for a little sampling or condiments. They are put together by machine press and ultrasonic bonds, so there is no glue used in the manufacturing of these plates.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Small plates perfect for hors d’oeuvres

Lightweight and compost quickly

Present well for tasting parties or sushi

Melamine free bamboo plates

Advisory Details

These plates are very lightweight and can easily blow away if you are throwing your party on a windy day outdoors. 

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  #9 Best Colorful Dinnerware:

Fable Colorful Bamboo Plates

These dishes are a favorite among buyers. The colors are as vibrant as the pictures and they are durable and wash well in the dishwasher. It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about chipping with these dishes. Many people find the Fable Bamboo plates to be a perfect option for outdoor dinnerware.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Bright colors that won’t fade


Perfect for outdoor dining

Dishwasher safe

Advisory Details

This dinnerware contains food-grade melamine to make them more durable, and so they are NOT melamine free bamboo plates. They are durable but not unbreakable, so be careful not to drop them as you would any other plate. They are not microwave-safe.  

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#10 Best Artistic Dinnerware:

 Morgiana Reusable Bamboo Tableware

For an eco-friendly, artistic look to your table, this set is the way to go. It looks as though it has been handcrafted, yet it is durable and washes well in the dishwasher. This set can be used in the house, but it is best used for outdoor or RV dining.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Looks hand-crafted

Clay-like colors

Perfect for outdoor dining

Washes well in the dishwasher

Advisory Details

This dinnerware contains food-grade melamine to make them more durable, and so they are not melamine-free bamboo plates. They are durable but not unbreakable, so be careful not to drop them as you would any other plate. They are not microwave-safe.  

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#11 Best Versatile Bamboo Plates:

 Bamboo Land Set for 4

We like these best in the khaki color which resembles natural clay thrown dinnerware. Due to their lightweight and sturdiness, the sets are a great option for picnic, camping, and outdoor activities. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The high edge on the large plate makes it perfect for any saucy dish. They are durable and a great replacement for any plastic set that you may have been using.  

What We Liked Most About These Bamboo Plates?

Lightweight and perfect for day trips to the beach or picnics

The beige color looks like hand-thrown dinnerware


Good for kids and adults


Advisory Details

They are durable but not unbreakable, so be careful not to drop them as you would any other plate. They are not microwave-safe. They can withstand light cuts, but heavy deep cuts will scratch them.  

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 #12 Best Look-a-like Bamboo Plate:

Acacia Wood Dinner Plates

These wood plates are soooooo nice that we had to include them even though they are not bamboo. They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hold up to their stunning reviews! They can be used for dinner, salad, or dessert, and add to the perfect presentation of any table. Acacia wood is very hard and perfect to withstand cuts, washing, and repeated use.  

What We Liked Most About These Plates?

Elegant and unique

Giftable and Perfect as a 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift 

Sells matching bowls

No veneer or coating just 100% Acacia wood


Advisory Details

They are durable but do need some care from time to time. Rubbing olive oil onto them after use is a great idea to keep them shiny and new looking. They cannot go in the dishwasher or microwave and wash very easily by hand. Best to use them for meals that don’t require cutting, like sandwiches, curries, or stir-fry since they will leave marks from a knife.  

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How are bamboo plates made?

Bamboo plates are usually made with chemical-free, heat press.  Bamboo wood is peeled and made into wood sheets of varying thicknesses.  Sheets are then cut and heat pressed into plates.  

How long do bamboo plates last?

Disposable bamboo plates are one-time use only.  Bamboo plates for babies without melamine can last up to 2 years if cared for properly.  Bamboo with melamine can last years if you avoid the microwave and avoid dropping them.  

Are bamboo plates safe?

Bamboo plates are generally considered safe for use as dinnerware. However, it is important to note that not all bamboo plates are created equal, and the safety of a bamboo plate can depend on several factors.

First, it is important to ensure that the bamboo plates you purchase are made from high-quality, food-grade bamboo. Some bamboo products may contain harmful chemicals or toxins, especially if they are not intended for food use. Therefore, it is important to purchase bamboo plates from reputable manufacturers and retailers that can provide information on the safety and quality of their products.

Another factor to consider is how the bamboo plates are processed and manufactured. Some bamboo plates may be coated with a layer of melamine or other chemicals to make them more durable and resistant to stains. While this may make the plates more convenient to use, it can also introduce potentially harmful chemicals into your food. It is generally recommended to choose bamboo plates that are free from chemical coatings or additives.

Is Bamboo Fiber safe to eat?

Raw bamboo is not safe to eat for humans.  Dietary bamboo fiber, or bamboo that has been processed has been recognized by the FDA as safe and healthy to eat.  

Can you microwave bamboo plates?

No, you cannot microwave bamboo. The heat from microwave ovens will warp and destroy bamboo plates over time.  Even those laminated with melamine cannot be put in the microwave.  

Can you recycle bamboo plates?

Bamboo cannot be recycled.  The best option is to compost bamboo plates since they can decompose in as little as 6 weeks within a proper compost pile.  Bamboo plates also stand a chance to decompose in a landfill as long at they are provided with an ample supply of oxygen (something that often does not happen in landfills unfortunately).  

How long does it take bamboo to decompose?

Bamboo can decompose in as little as 6 weeks and as much as 6months depending on the heat, oxygen, and moisture of the compost pile.  

What is melamine?

Melanmine is a food-safe plastic that often added to bamboo dinnerware to help with durability.  It is a by-product of the coal industry and so it is not easily biodegradable.  Melamine is never safe to microwave.  If you’re looking to avoid plastic, best you avoid melamine.  

Why is melamine used in bamboo dinnerware?

Melamine is used in dinnerware to increase the durability and longevity of the dishes.  

Is melamine bad?

Melamine, although deemed safe for dinnerware, runs a low risk that the toxins may leech into food with high heat, prolonged exposure, or acidic foods.    WebMD explains that the most common side effect of exposure to melamine is kidney stones.  If you’re looking for the lowest risk possible, best to avoid melamine when you can.

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