From Dusk Till Dawn: The Ultimate Guide to YALA’s Bamboo Comfort Wear

When it comes to clothing, comfort and sustainability are two factors that I prioritize. That’s why I was thrilled when I came across YALA, a women-owned and women-led small business that specializes in producing incredibly soft bamboo clothing, including bedding, sleepwear, and loungewear. After trying out some samples from their collection, I couldn’t wait to share my experience and write this Yala bamboo clothing review.

YALA’s commitment to comfort, quality, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility shines through every aspect of their brand. Founded by best friends Rachel and Tif, who worked their way up in the company before taking ownership in 2019, YALA represents a philosophy of transparency and trust. Their goal is to create sustainable and comfortable clothing that not only benefits the wearers but also elevates the lives of everyone involved in producing and promoting their products.

Girl wearing Yala Bamboo clothing lying on a linen bedspread.

What sets YALA apart is their conscious choice of bamboo as the primary fabric for their clothing. With over sixteen years of experience, they have explored various natural fabrics but have consistently chosen bamboo for its unique qualities and environmental benefits. From water preservation to soil protection, bamboo stands out as a renewable resource that leaves a gentle footprint on the planet.

In this article, I will delve into the remarkable features of YALA’s bamboo clothing. I’ll discuss how the fabric feels against the skin, its functionality for activities like sleep and yoga, and the sustainable production practices that make YALA a brand worth supporting. 

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#1:  Why Bamboo?

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#6:  Conclusion

Join me as I explore the world of YALA bamboo clothing and discover why it’s a game-changer for those seeking softness, style, and sustainability in their wardrobe. This article contains affiliate links in which I may make a small commission at no cost to you.

YALA Bamboo Clothing Review:  Why Bamboo?

YALA’s choice of bamboo as the primary fabric for their clothing is grounded in its remarkable sustainability and environmental advantages. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires no additional irrigation beyond natural rainfall, making it a water-efficient choice. Moreover, bamboo cultivation doesn’t compete with food production as it thrives in unsuitable farming areas. Its rapid growth also means that bamboo can be harvested every 2-5 years, preventing overcrowding and the need for chemical interventions.

Yala bamboo clothing is made of bamboo sustainably grown in a bamboo forest like this.

The organic nature of bamboo ensures that it doesn’t leave behind harmful chemicals or pesticides in the soil, promoting healthier ecosystems. Additionally, bamboo plays a crucial role in improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing a significant amount of oxygen. With its numerous benefits, bamboo emerges as a sustainable and responsible choice for YALA’s clothing line.

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YALA Bamboo Clothing Review:  Feel and Function

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Having had the opportunity to wear YALA’s bamboo clothing, I can attest to the exceptional feel and functionality of their fabric. The moment I slipped into their bamboo sleepwear and yoga attire, I was greeted with an incredible softness that surpassed my expectations.

The fabric drapes gracefully, creating a flowing sensation that enhances both comfort and style. Whether I was lounging at home, getting ready for a yoga session, or settling down for a peaceful night’s sleep, the bamboo fabric proved to be a game-changer. Its lightweight and breathable nature kept me cool in the heat and cozy in colder temperatures, providing a perfect balance of comfort throughout the day.

The moisture-wicking properties of the bamboo fabric ensured that I stayed dry and comfortable during intense yoga sessions. The best part? The fabric felt gentle against my skin, causing no irritation or discomfort. Overall, YALA’s bamboo clothing surpassed all my expectations, delivering unparalleled comfort and functionality for sleep and yoga.

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YALA Bamboo Clothing Review:  Production and Sustainability Practices

Girl in a bamboo forest wearing a yala bamboo top meditating with her arms up.

YALA’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the fabric they use; it extends to every step of their production process. One aspect that truly impressed me is their long-standing relationship with their production partners in China. Before becoming co-owners, Rachel and Tif personally visited the facilities multiple times, immersing themselves in the production process and building genuine friendships with their partners and garment makers. This level of involvement speaks volumes about YALA’s dedication to transparency and ensuring fair trade practices.

Knowing that the people who make my YALA garments are paid fairly, treated well, and work in a safe environment brings me great peace of mind. YALA’s recent inspection by Oeko-Tex, a leading certifying organization in the textile industry, further reinforces their commitment to safety and social responsibility. This dedication to fair trade practices and the well-being of their employees aligns with my values as a conscious consumer.

In terms of certifications, YALA has obtained several noteworthy ones, including OEKO-TEX 100, ECOCERT GOTS, FSC, and Bluesign. These certifications demonstrate their adherence to chemical-free production, sustainable methods, and responsible sourcing of materials. It’s reassuring to know that YALA’s bamboo clothing meets stringent standards for safety, environmental responsibility, and organic farming practices.

The combination of their sustainable production practices and their high-quality bamboo fabric makes YALA stand out as a brand that truly cares about the planet and the well-being of the people involved in their supply chain. It’s refreshing to see a company go above and beyond to create clothing that not only feels amazing but also has a positive impact on the environment and the communities it touches.

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YALA Bamboo Clothing Review:  Personal Opinion

As someone who is passionate about sustainability and conscious consumerism, I am genuinely impressed with YALA’s dedication to creating sustainable and comfortable clothing. 

The softness and comfort of their bamboo fabric exceeded my expectations, and knowing that it is produced with such high ethical and environmental standards makes me appreciate their clothing even more. YALA has succeeded in combining style, comfort, and sustainability in their bamboo clothing line, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who seeks to make mindful choices without compromising on quality or style. After checking out many bamboo clothing reviews of other brands, Yala clothing is one of the best for comfort and quality.

While YALA’s bamboo clothing is undeniably impressive, it’s worth mentioning that I found the sizing to run larger than expected. As someone who typically wears a size small or medium, I found that a medium in YALA’s clothing was too big for me. Therefore, I would recommend customers to consider sizing down when making their purchases to ensure the perfect fit.

YALA Bamboo Clothing Review: Unique Fabric Care Instructions

Taking care of your YALA bamboo clothing is essential to prolong its lifespan and maintain its exceptional qualities. YALA provides specific care instructions for each fabric type, ensuring that your garments remain in pristine condition.

It is recommended to machine or hand wash cold on a gentle cycle with like colors and mild soap. Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners, as these can negatively affect the fabric’s integrity. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry, and low iron if desired.

It’s important to wash YALA clothing separately or with like items to prevent potential damage or pilling. I often use laundry detergent strips for my wash and they work great, take a look at my write up of the top ones out there here.

Following these care instructions will help you keep your YALA bamboo clothing looking and feeling its best, allowing you to enjoy its softness and comfort for a long time to come.

YALA Bamboo Clothing Review:  Conclusion

Man wearing ButterSoft™ Bamboo Viscose Jersey as part of the yala bamboo clothing reviews.

YALA’s bamboo clothing has left a lasting impression on me with its remarkable softness, functionality, and commitment to sustainability. The brand’s emphasis on comfort, quality, and ethical production practices sets them apart in the industry. From the bamboo fabric’s luxurious feel against the skin to its moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties, YALA’s clothing is a true delight for sleep and yoga enthusiasts.

The men’s Yala bamboo clothing line is equally comfortable and attractive as the women’s line.

Furthermore, YALA’s dedication to sustainability shines through their choice of bamboo as a primary fabric. The numerous environmental benefits of bamboo, including water preservation, renewable resource, and soil protection, make it a responsible and eco-friendly choice. YALA’s certifications from reputable organizations further validate their commitment to chemical-free production and sustainable methods.

YALA has successfully created a brand that not only prioritizes comfort and style but also demonstrates a genuine commitment to the well-being of the planet and the people involved in their supply chain. If you’re looking for clothing that combines softness, sustainability, and ethical production practices, I highly recommend exploring YALA’s bamboo clothing line and experiencing the comfort and peace of mind it offers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this company! I have tried to move away from fast fashion and mainly buy second-hand, but I love having sustainable options for new clothing as well! The piece about the company treating their employees fairly is a big deal to me, so thank you for sharing about that as well!



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