12 Best Non-Toxic Candles For Allergies And Cleaner Air

What Makes the Best Non-Toxic Candles for Allergies?

The Wick, The Wax, The Whiff

It is actually very simple when you break down the elements needed to make a healthy non-toxic candle for allergies and cleaner air. There are three components a healthier candle should have.  

 The Wick

It is essential to look for a reputable brand since many of the imported candles will still contain some metal or lead. Healthy allergy candles will make their wicks out of the following:

  • Braided cotton
  • Wood
  • Hemp Wicks

 The Wax

  • Beeswax is the cleanest material used for allergy candles. It is natural, non-toxic, and provides the slowest burn. Beeswax candles for allergies are said to act as a natural air purifier. It is also the most expensive type of wax, but it is great for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma since it is the original non-toxic candle for allergies.  
  • Soy Wax is also commonly used in clean candles. It is made from soybeans, so it is much more eco-friendly if it is an organic variety, seeing as non-organic soy fields are heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. It has a long burn time and doesn’t absorb as much fragrance as paraffin does.  
  • Coconut Wax is a newer variety of wax for clean allergy candles. It burns very clean and produces little to no soot. It can hold onto fragrance and color well, so if you’re buying coconut wax to avoid heavy fragrances and toxins, make sure additives are naturally based.   

 The Whiff

Fragrance can be a major irritant for those suffering from allergies and asthma. Making sure your candle scent is sourced from naturally occurring essential oils is key. If you do choose a made-made fragrance, making sure the fragrance is gentle, phthalate and paraben-free are essential when looking for clean candles. Synthetic fragrances often contain parabens, phthalates, and other V.O.Cs that can be polluting to clean air.  

Best Non Toxic Candles

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Type of WaxBuy Now
Clean Bee BeeswaxAmazon
Leland FrancisSoyAmazon
Leland Francis
Anecdote Soy and CoconutAmazon
Bluecorn BeeswaxAmazon
Pet HouseSoyAmazon
MilanCoconut, Soy, and Beeswax BlendMilan
Hemlock ParkCoconutAmazon
Wax BuffaloSoyWax Buffalo
Brooklyn Candle StudioSoyAmazon
Brooklyn Candle
CompanionCoconut Soy BlendCompanion Candles

Before I gave birth to two children with severe allergies and asthma, I used to love cozying up with a book and the warm glow of a candle. Little did I think about how toxic and suffocating generic candles could be to those who suffer from allergies and asthma.  

When I realized that the burning candles made my son cough, sneeze, and experience watery eyes, I couldn’t help but make the connection that the burning candle was not only harmful to him but most likely not healthy for anyone else to breathe either.  

After doing extensive research on the topic, I found out that my children are not alone. Despite the warmth and pleasant scents that candles give off, it is said that up to 20% of all people experience some kind of reaction when in the presence of a scented burning candle. [1]

I set out to look for allergy candles that can be used as an alternative to the paraffin wax candles I used to buy at IKEA on every trip. I found out that there are great alternatives for those looking for clean-burning non-toxic candles for allergies and asthma sufferers. These candles are essential for those suffering from such conditions, but can also greatly improve everyone’s environment and overall health through cleaner air.  

With cleaner non-toxic candles for allergies and asthmatics, my children have not reacted when candles are being burned. The air stays fresher and since the scents are naturally derived, they are non-irritating and provide the warm atmosphere we are aiming for.  


How can candles aggravate allergies?

After consulting with the children’s allergist and paediatrician, I realized that I could still burn candles at home. I set out to find the best non-toxic allergy candles without the following ingredients:

#1 Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a soft colorless solid derived from petroleum, coal, or oil that when burned releases soot particles in the air that may last for hours after extinction. Burning paraffin wax is akin to burning any fossil fuel in your own home. Many paraffin wax candles also contain additives for color, stability, or to modify the burn rate. This adds to the toxic load of the candle.  

While many of us may not realize the change in air quality right away, someone who suffers from allergies and asthma can become quickly aggravated by the chemicals being released by such candles.   

Studies conducted have noted that in worst-case scenarios concentrations of acrolein, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde from candle emissions exceeded EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)-recommended thresholds. [2]

#2 Metal Containing Wicks

Metal wicks were once regularly used to help the wick to stand up straight when burned for a longer, more reliable burn. Unfortunately, these wicks often contain lead and can generate unsafe particles in the air.  

After 1974, the candle industry voluntarily decided to stop using lead wicks.[3] Since 2003, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the manufacture and sale of all candles with lead-core wicks. [4] Zinc and tin have been used as a substitute since the ban. Despite this ban, there have still been noted candles with lead wicks. Most of these types of candles are imports. 

The candle industry has been quickly growing in recent years and imports are sold ubiquitously in almost every dollar store, superstore, and mall. Regulations in import countries may not be as stringent as in the USA or Europe, and may still consist of metal-containing wicks. Therefore, it is important to use candles that are from reputable companies, predominantly made locally to ensure cleaner air.  

#3 Artificial Fragrances

Artificially scented candles produce more black soot than non-scented allergy candles. Black soot contributes to dirtier air quality and higher carbon emissions within the home. Most artificially fragranced oils are hydrocarbons added to petroleum-based candles.    

Fragrances can be one of the most irritating factors for those looking for non-toxic candles for allergies. Artificial fragrances can cause coughing, sneezing, and dermatitis, as well as long-term health issues such as cancer and respiratory illnesses.  

Our Picks for the Best Non-Toxic Candles for Allergies and Cleaner Air

The links in this article are affiliate links, meaning that if you click the link, I may get a small portion of the sale at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases with the links provided in this article. In no way does this affect our description or review of the following products. 

#1 Clean Bee Candles

The Wick100% Cotton
The Wax100% Beeswax
The WhiffNatural Honey Scent
No Added Scents/Only Beeswax
Made InChina
Burn Time*90-125 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Clean Bee is a small family-run company specializing in simple Beeswax candles made in the USA. We chose these candles as one of the best beeswax candles for allergies because of their simple composition of ingredients. Made from ONLY beeswax, these candles can purify the air and burn twice as long as regular paraffin candles.  They make the perfect allergy candle.

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

There are no added fragrances in these candles, WAX ONLY! The light honey fragrance permeates the room gently and provides a sweet honey smell. They do not leave soot or toxic byproducts in the air.  

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#2 Leland Francis

The Wick100% Braided Cotton
The Wax100% soy
The WhiffScents are made from Natural Oils
Made InLos Angeles, USA
Burn Time*40 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Leland Francis not only offers non-toxic candles perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities but also has a long line of clean products that promote healthy skin.  

Dillon Peña, a celebrity makeup artist founded this company to bring high-quality, non-toxic ingredients to everyday self-care products–the candles being no exception!  

The natural scents are uniquely three-layer based, giving you a rich aroma from natural essential oils.  

All products are packaged using recycled materials, and containers are recyclable after use.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

The candles are made from safe and clean plant-based ingredients which give off little to no soot, perfect for allergies and those who suffer from lower-quality air.  

The candles are phthalates-free and paraben-free. Formaldehyde-free and have no synthetic ingredients. They are created in small batches and scents are made from natural oils, creating a cleaner burn. The wick is 100% cotton and contains no metals for a clean burn and fresher air.  

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#3 Anecdote Candles

The WickCotton Core Wick
The WaxCoconut and Soy Blend
The WhiffPhthalate-free fragrance oil
Made InUSA
Burn Time*70 hours

This is the funniest and most unique non-toxic candle we’ve come across! With labels such as “ADULTING”, and taglines like “Smells like early nights and steady paychecks”, these candles will make anyone laugh!  

On top of their unique quirk, these candles are high-quality and hand-poured with no additives, dyes, or preservatives. The coconut-soy wax blend, cotton core wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils create a clean burn.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

The cotton wick is made in the USA and the coconut/soy wax blend is the cleanest ingredient for non-toxic allergy candles. The fragrance is sourced from premium ingredients and is phthalate-free, creating less soot when burned and a cleaner-air environment.  

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#4 BLUECORN Beeswax Candles

The WickCotton Wick
The WaxBeeswax
The WhiffPure Essential Oils
Made InColorado, USA
Burn Time*90 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

This company was born in the snowy forests of Telluride, Colorado in a one-room cabin. Made with only the purest and simplest ingredients, Bluecorn Candles are one of the few companies we encountered using natural scents along with pure beeswax.  They are one of the top beeswax candles for allergies.

What makes this one of the best non-toxic beeswax candles for allergies?

The clean burn of purified beeswax and 100% essential oil fragrance make these a great option for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma. Each batch is purified and tested to adhere to high standards. Beeswax is also known to purify the air, producing negative ions when burned.  

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#5 Noted. Candles

The WickBraided Cotton Wick or Wooden Wick
The WaxSoy Wax from US Farms
The WhiffBlend of essential and skin-safe based oils.
Phthalate-free & Prop 65 compliant. 
Made InUSA
Burn Time*60 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Noted candles began in Boston with a desire to make cleaner burning, toxin-free candles. Pouring only small batches, scents are unique for a limited time only. Safety, sustainability, and environmental impact are at the core of Noted.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

Using only non-toxic and clean burning ingredients, all candles are made with US-grown soy. Fragrance oils are made-made but are free of phthalate and parabens. Wicks are clean burning cotton making Noted candles a better option for allergies and cleaner air.  

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#6 Pet House Candles

The WickCotton Wick
The WaxSoy Wax
The WhiffMixture of essential oils and man-made fragrance.
All fragrances used are IFRA compliant and are
said to be on-toxic and allergen free.
Made InUSA
Burn Time*60 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Developed as a way to neutralize and rid of pet odors, these candles are also created to safely burn around pets. Made as a non-toxic candle for pets, Pet House Candles also claims that all of their fragrances are a mixture of essential oils and allergy-free man-made scents. There are many scents to choose from, and some scents have a larger ratio of essential oils to made-man fragrances.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

Designed to keep pets healthy, Pet House Candles are made with clean burning soy wax containing NO phthalates, parabens, or formaldehyde. The fragrances are said to be allergy-free. We noticed that extinguishing these candles may leave a little soot, so be sure to use a candle snuffer when putting it out.  

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#7 Milan Candles

The WickWood
The WaxCoconut, Soy and Beeswax Blend
The WhiffVarious natural ingredients
Made InCalifornia, USA
Burn Time*50+ hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

This company’s mission goes beyond being non-toxic and chemical-free, Milan Candles stands to help the world be a safer place and end sex trafficking through their non-profit initiatives. All candles are linked to an angelic number along with affirmations and recommendations for particular life situations. T

 What makes this one of the best great non-toxic candle for allergies?

Each candle is made using the best organic, natural ingredients in the USA. They tout their candles to be good for both health and humanity, using clean burning oils and wax.  

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#8 SoHum Candles

The WickWood
The WaxSoy
The WhiffBlend of Essential Oils and
perfume-grade fine fragrance. 
Made InOntario, Canada
Burn Time*85 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

SoHum is a line of non-toxic, eco-friendly scented candles made with 100% Soy and hand-poured in Ontario, Canada. So Hum Candles donates 5% of every sale to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  

Their mission is to uplift your spirit, inspire your soul and illuminate your home.

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

Made from only the finest ingredients, SoHum Candles are great for those with allergies as their wicks are made from wood, their wax from clean US-grown soy, and their fragrances are a clean blend of essential and perfume-grade fine fragrances.  

They note on their website that their products are designed to elevate, not overpower your space with fragrance. Because of this, their scent throw will be more intimate than other products on the market, making it a better option for those with allergies and clean air.  

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#9 Hemlock Park Candles 

The WickWood
The WaxCoconut Oil
The WhiffEssential Oil Only
Made InSierra Nevadas, USA
Burn Time*60 Hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Hemlock Park was born in Sierra Nevadas where mountain Hemlock trees thrive. All candles are made with premium 100% coconut wax, which tends to be the most expensive type of wax on the market today and has one of the longest burn times available. All wood wicks are sustainably sourced and give a quiet crackle while burning.  

Hemlock Park is a company that stands behind its products, if you happen to purchase a candle that is not staying lit, they will send a free replacement or provide a refund. This can happen from time to time with a wooden wick.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

The wood wick and clean-burning coconut oil are only the beginning of what makes these candles great non-toxic options for allergies. Scents are all made from essential oils, crafted to give your home a subtle herbaceous scent. Natural Essential oil blends are cleaner burning and create cleaner air for allergies.  

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#10 Wax Buffalo

The WickCotton or Paper Wicks
The WaxSoy Wax
The WhiffHigh quality phthalate free fragrance AND essential oils
Made InNebraska, USA
Burn Time*50+ hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Using only US-grown Soy Wax, Wax Buffalo was branded as a little spin from the beautiful aesthetics of the European apothecary stores. With a variety of fragrances tailored for every home, Wax Buffalo weaves various scents together for a unique experience.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

The pure soy wax makes this candle clean burning and sustainable. The fragrances are a combination of both soy and high-quality premium fragrance made to burn clean. The wicks are either paper or cotton core, containing zero metal, tin, or lead.  

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The WickCotton Wick
The WaxSoy Wax
The WhiffPremium man-made and
essential oil blends.
Made InBrookly, USA.
Burn Time*50 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

A truly homegrown American company, the Brooklyn Candle Studio strives to create a fully sustainable and ethical business on various fronts. Everything procured, from the wax to the packaging is made and sourced in the USA. The company is also diligent about how they treat their workers, providing benefits, and work-life balance.  

Scents are very pleasant with a top, middle, and upper nose to create a warm and unique ambiance.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

These candles are dye, paraffin, and metal-free. The soy-burning wax provides a clean burn with little soot. Fragrances are premium sourced combining natural essential oils, much better for allergies and clean air.  

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#12 Companion Candles

The WickWood Wicks
The WaxCoconut soy blend
The WhiffHigh Quality Fragrance oils
Made InUSA
Burn Time*40 hours
*Burn Time is for the largest size candle available at time of publishing.

Creatively named candles with quirky taglines are not the only thing that this company is good at! Companion candles are passionate about supporting animals in need, giving $1 of every sale to help animals in need. Developed as a way to ensure safe air for pets, these candles are also great for those with allergies and asthma.  

What makes this one of the best non-toxic candle for allergies?

Cruelty-free, vegan, women-owned, made in the USA, and free of the four P’s: paraffin, phthalates, preservatives, and petroleum. These candles are clean-burning and much healthier than the paraffin varieties that we find in most stores.  

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Where to Start?

If too many options have you overwhelmed it is best to start with a small unscented beeswax candle such as these tea lights. Burning a clean small beeswax candle will give you enough indication to whether you can withstand larger candles. If these end up being okay for your allergies, try adding a naturally scented version such as Bluecorn Candles.

Candles can create a warm and cozy mood in your home, but making sure that the air stays clean and you feel at ease is the most important thing when burning non-toxic candles for allergies and clean air.

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What’s Next?

If you liked our reviews on the best non-toxic candles and you’re interested in toxic-free and eco-living, take a look at our review on Force of Nature Cleaner, it will keep your home germ-free without the heavy cleaning chemicals.

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