How to Find the Best Second-Hand Clothes Online Thrift Stores Worldwide

In the age of online shopping, the amount of wasteful and unsustainable clothing products have skyrocketed. With how easy buying online has become, the buying of fast fashion has reached new heights. However, there are many alternatives to fast fashion online, even if you are busy and don’t have the resources to visit in-person thrift stores. You can get affordable, efficient second-hand clothes online very easily by using online thrift stores. There are many great e-thrift stores online nowadays in almost every jurisdiction and country, so it’s a good idea to start transforming your online shopping journey to include more of these stores. 

Vintage fashion has exploded onto the fashion scene in recent years. Fashion influencers and celebrities alike are appreciating the beauty of a well-made vintage garment. As wearing vintage and retro clothing has become much more popular, there are many specialist brands that specialize in delivering vintage thrifted clothes to today’s fashion fans. You can find anything on these websites from antique designer pieces to affordable retro clothing. 

Second-Hand Clothes Online Thrift Stores

Persephone Vintage
Goldsmith Vintage
WildThing Vintage
Bissel  or Bissel @ Etsy
Community Thrift and Vintage
The Closet
WildThing Vintage

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Why should we buy vintage clothing? 

Have you always bought new clothes, and are thinking of making the switch to vintage clothes? There are many reasons why buying vintage clothes could improve your style, life, and carbon footprint. It could even end up being better for your wallet. 

Vintage Clothes Are Better Quality

Fast fashion has made people used to badly made garments made of cheap materials. Clothes often don’t last for more than a few seasons. Vintage clothing is often made from better, sturdier materials and is better made, meaning that they last a lot longer than fast-fashion clothing. It’s also often a lot easier to repair and alter. The vintage pieces you buy will last for years and years. 

They’re Unique 

Vintage clothes are very unique, especially in a world where everyone is wearing fast fashion and following micro-trends. You can often find unique pre-worn pieces of vintage clothing that will make you stand out and look incredibly stylish. 

Great Value

Buying vintage means you get much better value for money. This is because vintage fashion doesn’t have the same markup as mass-produced fashion pieces, especially when it comes to designer clothes. This means you can get great vintage designer pieces for a really good price. 

They’re Timeless

Vintage clothes are incredibly timeless as there are pieces that never go out of style, no matter the year or season. This means you will be able to build a timeless wardrobe that never goes out of style, making you look incredibly stylish. 

They’re Sustainable 

The main reason vintage clothing is so good is because of its sustainability. Vintage fashion is a fantastic alternative to fast fashion. They don’t require new resources and act to give pre-worn clothes new life, so they don’t end up in a landfill. Buying vintage can help the fashion industry stop its waste production. 

But where are the best online thrift stores around the world? Here is a list of all the best online thrift stores worldwide so that you can start your thrifting journey today. 



Established in 2018, Thriftsome seeks to supply the coolest threads to young Canadians that care about the planet. Their extensive selection of vintage street styles and other items can satisfy anyone’s fashion craving. They are on a mission to make re-worn clothing cool, accessible and fun. With their delivery spanning all of Canada, they are dominating the Canadian online thrifting game. 

Bissell Thrift Shop

Bissell Thrift Shop is a pillar of the community in Edmonton, Canada. They supply the local community with vintage clothes, and 89% of the profits go back into the local community. With the profits, they are able to feed and house vulnerable people and help the local community. They are also available to provide clothing to people who need clothes but can’t afford them. They sell a lot of their wares on Etsy, which is one of the best ways they make revenue. 

Community Thrift & Vintage

Vancouver’s most prominent vintage clothing store is called Community Thrift & Vintage. Set up in 2011, they have been supplying Vancouver and the rest of Canada with vintage fashion for over a decade. All of their profits are donated to the PHS Community Services Society, which is a great cause. They have three locations all around Vancouver and also have multiple options to shop online from them. 


Persephone Vintage

Founded in South California by an artist named Susan, Persephone Vintage has become one of the USA’s best suppliers of vintage clothing. Taking all of the pictures and sourcing clothing herself, she puts a lot of effort into curating a beautiful selection of retro garments. Placing an emphasis on interesting and dynamic pieces of clothing, it is one of the best vintage clothing shops in the US. Check out their amazing Instagram page


This platform encourages its customer base to enter as a consumer but leave as an eco-conscious sustainability warrior. Goodfair is a dominant online thrifting platform worldwide. On their website, they offer amazing second-hand clothes but also information about fast fashion and everyday sustainability. 


Tradesy is a great platform to both sell and buy your vintage clothing. It is one of the leading vintage clothing commerce platforms in the United States. They have a wide selection, including vintage luxury bags, shoes, and other accessories. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, they allow many people to reinvent their wardrobe and relationship with fast fashion. 



Australia’s ‘Swop’ has a great alternative to just a selling/buying service. They have a clothing exchange service, where people can swap their items of clothing. This is a great alternative to buying/selling, however, there is an option to buy/sell on the platform. It is one of the best ways to share clothing, and give your clothes new life to someone who really wants them. 

The Closet

The Closet’ is one of Australia’s leading second-hand thrift stores that has a massive online presence. They specialize in giving high-end vintage pieces new life. They are motivated by promoting sustainability to a new customer base, and in their first 18 months of operation have listed over 4,000 items online. 



Vinted is one of the UK’s most popular platforms for pre-worn clothing. Anyone can upload an item of clothing that they don’t want anymore and choose the price. It is like a big online second-hand market for people to sell their old clothes and buy vintage pieces. It has revolutionized the way that the UK wear vintage. 

Goldsmith Vintage

This London-based brand is passionate about delivering the best pieces of vintage fashion to the whole of the UK. Placing an emphasis on streetwear, they often offer discounts for students. With a thriving online presence, they also have three physical stores around London. Goldsmith Vintage has a wide selection of clothing that can suit multiple different styles and looks. 

Wildthing Vintage

WildThing Vintage was founded by two sisters, Katie and Lauren, in 2013. After extensively researching the market, they went live with WildThing Vintage in 2015. Featuring many designers and prominent brands on their website, they are a great supplier of vintage branded clothing in the UK. They are committed to sustainable living and have options to filter through the clothes on their website with sustainable materials and carbon-neutral processing. 



Poshmark is one of the leading platforms for online vintage designer wear. While it sells a multitude of different brands, it is most known for its vintage designer clothing. It has become one of the best places to get a vintage ballgown or antique evening dress, so you can stay sustainable even on special occasions. To truly stay sustainable, why not pair your second-hand high-end dresses with vintage jewelry? Brand-new jewelry uses a lot of materials, resources and energy,  and can significantly harm the environment. You can find beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry that won’t harm the planet online and in antique stores. 


eBay has been an online staple for buying and selling secondhand goods for decades on the internet. However, recently it has become really good for buying and selling secondhand clothes. You can see all of the vintage second-hand clothes in your area and search for specific items that you might want/need. 


Depop has become a massive platform for small businesses to sell second-hand vintage clothes and has a wide array of options for people to choose from. Sold by independent sellers, their clothing selection is from a wide range of eras and subcultures. They have started to dominate the international vintage fashion market. 

Urban Renewal 

Urban Outfitters’ response to the fast fashion crisis, Urban Renewal is offered in every place that Urban Outfitters sell. It is one of the best places where people can find vintage indie-style clothing at a reasonable price. Promoted by Urban Outfitters, it is one of the most popular online thrift stores for young people.

ASOS Marketplace

Fashion giants ASOS have launched ASOS Marketplace, which has become one of the leading platforms for people to buy re-worn items on a budget. This way, stylish items can be sold second-hand and give the best quality clothes a new life. Like Urban Renewal, it is available in the places that ASOS sell. 

Starting your online thrifting journey could massively transform your carbon footprint and your own personal style as well! Take a look at one of these brands today to completely transform your journey. 


Where is the cheapest place to thrift online? 

There are many cheap places to thrift online in Canada, the US, and the UK. If you want to use a platform with a variety of price ranges which start at very cheap, try a platform such as eBay or Vinted where sellers choose their own prices. Keep in mind that vintage designer clothing may be more expensive than ordinary retro clothes. 

Where to buy second-hand clothes online in Canada? 

There are many places to buy second-hand clothes online in Canada, from solely online shops such as Thriftsome or from the online portion of prominent thrift stores in Vancouver. There are also plenty of international platforms such as Depop and Poshmark which sell in Canada, so there are many ways you can buy second-hand clothes online in Canada. 

Can I buy from thrift stores online? 

Yes. There are many physical stores that sell their vintage wares online, but there are also whole online platforms dedicated to selling vintage clothes. It’s all about knowing where to look. 

Where is thrifting most popular? 

Thrifting and thrift shops tend to be the most popular in surrounding cities, and the most popular ones include NYC, Vancouver and London. However, online thrift shops have made it so thrifting can now be accessible to anyone regardless of their location. Hopefully, this will revolutionize the second-hand fashion game. 

Why is everyone thrifting now?

There are many reasons why people are thrifting in Canada and all over the world. People are now focused on sustainability and creating a better, more eco-friendly society. There have also been changes in fashion- people are more likely to try and cultivate their own personal style than meaninglessly follow trends. 

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