20 Eco Friendly Things on Amazon to Help You Save Money And Make Your Home More Sustainable

There has been a lot of talk recently about the sustainable efforts that Amazon is making to turn over a green leaf and become net carbon-free by 2040. The company has changed many of its operations such as using fully electric vehicles for Prime shipments, adding funds to reforestation projects, and building wind farms to supply their own green power.

Throughout this journey for a greener planet, I am constantly looking for new ways to make our home more eco friendly and sustainable. Many of the lifestyle choices that I make due to necessity, like driving a car, or dietary choices, need to be balanced out with greener more eco friendly alternatives whenever I can.

Here I share with you 20 eco friendly things on Amazon that I use to make our home more sustainable. These products not only help to reduce our monthly bills, but they also have a lasting effect on the world around us. Even though as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with the links provided in this article, I can confidently share these products with you as great eco friendly alternatives on Amazon to help your home be more sustainable too!

Where to Save Money and Make Your Home More Sustainable

 1. Lint Remover

Gone are the days of ripping off sticky roller sheets to remove the lint off of my clothes.  This lint remover saves the environment by removing lint effectively without adding to your waste.  It is safe for a wide array of fabrics and has different intensities depending on the tilt you use and the fabric.  

2. Laundry Detergent Sheets

I cannot tell you how EASY it is to buy the laundry detergent and do the laundry with these SIMPLE eco-friendly laundry strips.  They are not only effective at getting out dirt, fruit stains, and tomato sauce, as I have personally tested many times with my children’s clothing, but I no longer have to haul huge containers home from the grocery store.  A win-win situation with these laundry strips.  

 3. Foreo Silicone Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush doesn’t get too much more ECO Friendly than this!  My toothbrush holds a charge for up to six months.  This brush is so gentle on gums and feels amazing in your hand.  The whole brush is made of silicon, a natural material created with sand particles, rather than a typical plastic and nylon toothbrush.  For more information on Eco Friendly Electric Toothbrushes read this article.  

4. Fur Remover Broom

I do not have a pet and I love this broom.  It removes everything from my rugs that my vacuum cannot get.  This saves on energy since I often use this instead of my vacuum.  This natural rubber broom is telescopic and can clean anything from furniture to carpets, to windows with its squeegee head.  This is also an Amazon’s Choice Product and I totally understand why!

5. Dryer Balls

Not only am I saving the environment by reducing my waste with these dryer balls, but I also feel safer knowing that a myriad of chemicals aren’t poisoning my family every time I do the laundry.  I use them instead of dryer sheets to help remove static and keep clothes bouncy.

6. Backyard Composter

I bought two of these to dispose of our compostable waste for our family of four.  We barely produce any garbage due to these composters and our city recycling program.  These bins have been durable and eco friendly.  

7. EcoBee Programmable Thermostat

Our programmable thermostat has helped our family to reduce our Daily Average Electricity Usage from 21 KWH per day to 16 kWh per day and helped us to reduce our natural gas as well.  This thermostat is programmable and app-enabled, meaning you can control it from anywhere and have your home to your desired temperature by the time you come home.

8. Produce Bags

When you think of all of the millions of people that use the plastic produce bags at the grocery store, you can start to see how wasteful it is to use anything but these.  It really takes nothing to keep them in your car for grocery shopping trips and throw them in the wash with a load of laundry after use.  

9. Metal Straws

I no longer leave home without a metal straw in my purse.  I personally have the long and bent metal straws, but I feel as though the expandable metal straw is a little more compact and portable for a lady’s purse or bag.  

10. Pink Solution

This is an all-purpose enzyme cleaner that I’ve been using for years now.  It works wonders on everything from grout cleaner, floor cleaner, stain remover, and bathroom cleaner.  The mother’s helper has grit in it and can even take out permanent markers on furniture and washable walls, unfortunately with small children in the house I’ve had to do this more than once!  Trust me, it works wonders!

11.  Food Scrap Compostable Bags

These little bags make my life sooo much easier in the kitchen and when I’m throwing out my compost.  I lign a kitchen bin with one of these bags and once it’s full throw it in my backyard composter.  This can easily work for city-wide pickup programs, but I find they decompose just fine in my garden and turn into soil. 

12.  THILY 12 oz Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup with Handle

This mug keeps my coffee warm and prevents me from buying coffee on the go.  It has been a great mug with a lid that doesn’t absorb flavors.  Metal makes it way better than plastic for the environment and your health!

13.  Low Flow Showerhead

This showerhead has helped our family conserve more water.  The pressure is great and it wasn’t a huge task to switch.  We have seen a reduction in our water bill.  This was an easy no-brainer switch and was very easy to install.

14. Reusable K-Cups

I cannot bear the amount of waste that is produced from these non-recyclable coffee K-cups.  These reusable K-cups make coffee taste great and are simple to use.  They are mostly plastic-free and allow the coffee to taste great. I give them a hard tap into the composter and a quick rinse and they’re good to go for the next cup! You can even put them in the dishwasher.

15. Foldable Clothes Drying Rack

When I don’t use the dryer, this clothes drying rack helps me to dry the clothes in an eco-friendly way and then stash the rack in the closet for later.  It has been a lifesaver, especially when I can’t hang the clothes outside.  Our clothes dryers use a huge amount of power compared to other appliances, switching to air drying can help save the planet.

16. Bamboo Toothbrush 

When I don’t use the electric toothbrush I keep some of these on hand.  They are perfect for a family of 4 since they are numbered.  After three or four months we just throw them into the backyard composter to decompose since the bristles are made of plant-based castor beans.  

17. Organic Cotton Sheets

We spend up to a third of our life in bed.  Toxins from conventional cotton stay in the fibers and transfer to us.  I buy only organic cotton bedding and try to make sure dyes are eco-friendly and non-toxic as well.  I’ve had good experiences with this brand, but there are many to choose from.  

18. Menstrual Cup

Image by

This has been a go-to item in my bathroom since 2006!  I’m happy to think about the piles of tampons and pads that didn’t end up in landfills.  This is not only an eco-saver, but it is also convenient and will save you a lot of money in the long run.  There are many different silicone cups to choose from depending on your size, age, and flow.  

19. Glass Nail File

Never buy another Nail file again!  I found this nail file from another Zero-Waste blogger, and I have found it to be so useful.  They are perfect as gifts too.  It shines nails, easily files, and never gets dull. 

20.  LED Amazon Basic Bulbs

These bulbs have helped our family save a lot on electric bills.  After replacing our old bulbs with these we reduced our daily average consumption of electricity by 30%!  It has brought down our bills and we can rest a little better knowing that we have reduced our home’s carbon footprint overall.  

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  1. Oh Just what I need. Definitely checking out these products- especially the silicone toothbrush. Thanks for the info.

  2. Very helpful and informative

  3. Avatar Flawless World says:

    Love these ideas, especially the bamboo toothbrush! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great list you shares. I have those lint grabbers. They are amazing.

  5. Great ideas in this post! I already have a few of these – the lint rollers are really handy!

  6. As a dog owner who hates vacuuming the fur broom has caught my eye. Have you personally tried it out?

    1. Yes, I use it on my black rugs. It picks up anything the vacuum doesn’t and it’s sturdy, unlike some of the sponges that claim to pick up debris off of carpets. This one actually works. It does require some repetitive brushing, but you’ll get a bunch of crap off of your carpet! lol

  7. Great tips. I will definitely be checking out some of these products.

  8. I love how you take the time to get these awesome stuff together. I have used the menstrual cups since 2017 and it’s awesome.

  9. Love all the suggestions, especially the produce bags. They really help keeping all fruits and veggies fresh and in portions. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. I use wool dryer balls and a reusable K-cup (which aside from being eco-friendly is so much cheaper than buying disposable K-cups). I love the bamboo toothbrushes, but I haven’t tried them. I want to check out the produce bags, and I’ve been considering the laundry sheets! Thanks!

  11. This is an interesting list of things to change in our home. I like the reusable K-cups, the light bulbs, and cleaner.

  12. These are all such great products! I’ve been wanting to get reusable produce and sandwich bags for a little while now, I’m gonna check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Just what I need. Thanks for the info

  14. This is so helpful! I want to purchase things that are environmentally friendly, but I never know where to start.

  15. Avatar Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau says:

    This is really useful! Thank you for putting this together and sharing the insight. Awesome!

  16. Avatar Amanda Day says:

    I love dryer balls! They are so much better for your dryer and your clothes. I need to try the lint roller. We have a cat and go through a lot of sticky papers.

  17. these are all great items! we dont have dryer so a drying rack is always helpful

  18. Some great products listed here. I’m interested in dryer balls – do you think they work well?
    Thank you
    Pippa from Eco Pippa

    1. I’ve been using them for years now. They work, but for polyesters they still produce some static. I find that if static is the problem, wet the dryer ball slightly before the end of the cycle, it takes away the static and still leaves clothes fluffy. You may have to get used to scent-free, but I think of it as less chemicals being inhaled.

  19. Avatar Christine H says:

    Wow these are great ideas for ways to be more eco friendly. I wouldn’t have thought of most of these. Thanks!

  20. These are great things. I will note some of these and try to buy them from amazon. Thank you for the suggestions!

  21. These are great ideas! We just ordered bamboo toothbrushes for our little one.

  22. Avatar Widalys Santiago says:

    I haven’t seen some of them. Thanks for the list!

  23. Loving all these great eco friendly items! Thanks for the tips c

  24. So many great products! I need to try the Pink Solution and would love the Foldable Drying Rack.

    1. The Pink Solution blew my mind when I first started using it. It takes so many foods out of clothing and is great for grout too.

  25. Great ideas! And truly enlightening. I love the bamboo toothbrush; adding it to my must-buy list.

  26. These are some interesting amazon products. First time learning about some of these eco-friendly products. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I have some of these but love the look of that fur broom! Having dogs it sounds like it will be a life saver! Thank you for sharing!

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