12 Best Cotton Yoga Mats You Need for a Toxin-Free & Grounded Practice

My yoga practice has evolved a lot since 2001 when I attended my first yoga class. Throughout the years I have tried almost every type of yoga out there. After falling in love with yoga and completing my yoga-teacher-training in 2009, my practice has only become more grounding and intuitive as it grows alongside me.  

Only recently have I discovered the benefits of using a traditional cotton yoga mat over a PVC (plastic) mat. Yoga mats originated as cotton yoga mats in India before PVC plastic took over the scene.  

As I continue to become more cognizant about toxins in our day-to-day lives and understand how the grounding properties of the earth can help us, I gravitate more to a more plant-based lifestyle and plant-made artifacts such as a cotton yoga mat and other eco-friendly tools.

Check out the FAQ section for answers to the most commonly asked questions about cotton yoga mats. 

We looked at 12 of the best cotton yoga mats, here are our top findings. Click the mat name to read the full review.

Cotton Yoga MatBest for Yoga TypeBuy
#1 Oko LivingAshtangaOko Living
#2 Brentwood VinyasaBrentwood 
#3 Jade Mysore JadeYoga
#4 Bean ProductsYin 
Bean Products
#5 Hugger Mugger BikramMukha Yoga
#6 Stray & Wander Yin YogaStray & Wander
#7 KD Hot Yoga
#8 Live Well Bikram
#9 Yogasana Mysore
#10 BendIyengarBend Yoga
#11 Halfmoon Yin
Everyday Yoga
#12 Lotus Crafts Yin 

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We rated the cotton yoga mats based on the following criteria:

  • Type of Yoga intended
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Quality of Cotton (organic vs. mainstream)
  • Feel and texture
  • Natural or synthetic dyes
  • Traction 
  • Green Footprint of the company

Keep in mind that a mainstream PVC mat weighs 2lbs-4lbs and is about 24 inches to 72 inches long. 

#1 Oko-Living Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

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What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

Where do we start? The design, the ridges, the colors, the ayurvedic properties woven into each thread of the mat, the organic cotton cloth yoga mat? This is one of the coolest cloth yoga mats we have found. The ridges woven into the mat provide an increased amount of traction for any flow-type yoga. The cotton yoga mat is said to have healing properties, as it is dyed with natural vegetable dyes and woven with herbs and plants. The only thing we found difficult about this cloth mat is how it is hand-wash only and leaves little ridges on your body when you perform exercises over the bumps. 

Oko-Living Cotton Yoga Mat 

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsRainbow
Light Blue
Dimensions72″L x 25″W
5mm thick
Type of CottonOrganic cotton
Natural Tree Rubber painted
onto the bottom for extra grip
Vegetable dyes
Washing CareHand Wash Only
Made In India

Why we chose this cotton yoga mat best for Ashtanga?

This is one of the only cotton yoga mats with ridges built into it.  As a result it is perfect for traction poses such as downward dogs and sun salutations.  It also has a natural latex from a latex tree sprayed on the underside to provide extra grip.  

Green Footprint

Oko-Living uses only certified organic cotton with natural dyes from plants and flowers such as neem, turmeric and holy basil.   Typical industrial dyes use over 8,000 chemicals and known carcinogens. Textile dye is also the #2 water pollutant on the planet![4]  The cloth yoga mats are also sustainably hand-made in In India in healthy working conditions and fair wages. 

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#2 Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Non-Slip Yoga Mat

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

Backed with natural latex from rubber trees in tropical regions, this mat is great for anyone with a sweaty active practice. It is one of the only organic cotton yoga mats that has cushion enough for floor postures and to soak up any sweat that falls. 

 The latex on the underside keeps the mat in its place and does not move during our sun salutations. The best part about this mat is how you can throw it into the washing machine with eco-detergent after your practice for a fully cleaned wash. It can even go in the dryer if you’re not able to take the time and place to air dry it!

This mat is best for home practice, as it may be a bit heavy to lug around every day.  

Brentwood Cotton Yoga Mat 

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsGreen
Weight5.7 lbs. 
Dimensions71” x 24”
5mm thickness
Type of CottonGOTS certified Organic Cotton
Washing CareMachine Wash
Tumble Dry 
Made InIndia

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for vinyasa yoga?

The latex-backed mat stays in place during a heavy movement class such as a vinyasa yoga class. This is also one of the thickest cloth mats we looked at making it a great choice for a variety of yoga styles.  

Green Footprint

Brentwood Home is owned by Avocado Green Brands, the company that makes one of the best non-toxic mattresses out of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Its mission is to do better by using more natural, recycled, and innovative materials. They strive to consume less energy, create less waste, and fight climate change. The company aims for quality over quantity, making it a great choice for a sustainable yoga mat. 

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#3 Organic Cotton Jade Yoga Mysore Yoga Rug

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

The low profile and lightweight of this mat make it a favorite for any on-the-go yoga class. Perfect for beach yoga or trekking around town, the JadeYoga Mysore Mat is a great option for anyone looking for organic cotton on the go. There are no synthetic materials and so this mat makes a great option for a more thorough grounding experience. It can withstand the pull of a downward dog, but the company recommends putting it on a slipless surface. We think that it all depends on the yogi!

Organic Cotton Jade Yoga Mysore Yoga Rug

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsBlue
Dimensions72” x 26” 
Type of CottonOrganic Cotton
Washing CareMachine Washable
Hang to Dry

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Mysore?

In yoga, we are all trying to better ourselves in some way. Since Mysore yoga is a branch of Ashtanga yoga which is a go-at-your-own-pace yoga, this cloth yoga mat will further develop your muscles where you would otherwise rely on the stickiness of the traditional PVC mat.  

Green Footprint

JadeYoga uses all-natural non-harmful materials in the manufacturing of their mats. They weave the organic cotton yoga mat in India, paying a fair wage, considering that two workers can finish one mat per day! The vegetable dyes are helpful for both our health and the health of the planet. And, through their partnership with Trees for the Future, JADE PLANTS A TREE FOR EVERY MAT SOLD – with over TWO MILLION trees planted so far!

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#4 Bean Products Organic Cotton Yoga Padded Mat

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

This mat doubles as more than just a cotton yoga mat. Perfect for any relaxation style yoga, the Bean Mat offers additional padding so that floor poses are that much more comfortable. If you’re able to splurge the extra $100 for organic cotton, we feel that it’s worth the reduction in toxic chemicals usually sprayed on mainstream cotton crops. After all, with a cloth yoga mat this plush, you’re bound to be doing a lot of floor poses.  

Bean Products Organic Cotton Yoga Padded Mat

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsMat comes in white only
Covers for mat come in:
Organic Natural
Made In USA
Dimensions36” x 72” 2” thick
Type of CottonGeneric and Organic available
Washing CareMat cover is machine washable and dryer safe

Why we chose this cotton yoga mat best for restorative yoga?

This mat is great for a relaxed-style Yin yoga class because it pads your body against a hard floor. This mat would also be great for Kundalini yoga as there are many seated postures, chanting, and breathwork.  

Green Footprint

Bean Products keeps its manufacturing close to home in the USA. Their business is structured around manufacturing eco-friendly home goods and wellness products. Located out of Chicago, this company is very close to home. 

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#5 Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Rug

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

This cloth mat is very cost-effective for anybody looking to try out a cotton yoga mat. Make sure you throw this one in the wash a few times before using it to soften up the cotton and reduce the number of cotton fluffs that come off when you first purchase it. Since it is a low-profile cotton yoga mat it provides a great deal of stability for any balance postures. It is low weight and perfect for an on-the-go yoga class. It absorbs a great deal of sweat making it perfect for any sweaty yoga class such as Bikram or hot yoga.  

Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Mat 

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsCarribean Blue Sonoma Desert
Dimensions74” x 28” 
3mm thick
Type of CottonGeneric Cotton
Washing CareMachine Wash Hang to Dry

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Bikram?

Bikram yoga requires a mat that can absorb a great deal of sweat while keeping you balanced throughout the many postures. Since Bikram does not involve downward dogs, the slip-factor on this cloth mat is perfect for practice. Keep your bag minimally packed with this mat since it doubles as a towel and a mat. You may need to bring a small face towel to wipe the sweat off of your body every now and again.  

Green Footprint

Hugger Mugger continues to give back to the community by donating time and products to a number of different charities. A percentage of all online sales is donated to a different organization each quarter. Their product line is manufactured close to home and currently features USA-made and handmade products, heavy metal and phthalate-free yoga mats, and eco-friendly yoga products, including biodegradable TPE mats, natural rubber mats, cork and bamboo blocks, and more.

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#6 Stray and Wander Turkish

Dream Blanket 


What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

This is the DREAM! If you haven’t tried Turkish Cotton, you NEED to NOW! This organic cotton blanket is perfect for a restorative yoga class or savasana in ANY class. I have never been happier with a blanket and the softness of the cotton. Stray and Wander also sells organic Turkish cotton towels perfect and portable to bring to any hot yoga class. Keep throwing it in the wash and dryer and it only gets softer and softer.  

Stray and Wander Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsGreen and Beige
Black and Beige
Dimensions78” x 90”
Type of CottonTurkish Organic Cotton
Washing CareMachine Wash Cold
Hang to Dry
Machine Dry (but it will shrink)

Why do we choose this cotton yoga blanket best for yin yoga?

This is the perfect blanket for any restorative yoga class. I use my blanket for late evening winter yin-yoga. I tend to do half of my postures under the blanket since I’m holding these postures for 3-5minutes. I also use it at the end of any of my yoga practices for savasana or in any Bikram yoga class. If I forget to bring my cotton yoga mat, it is perfect to put over a traditionally rented PVC mat.  

Green Footprint

Stray & Wander offers a globally curated collection of ethically sourced products. They work with women’s cooperatives, family-run businesses, and individual artisans. They focus on beautiful handmade and fair trade products and help to preserve the ancient traditions behind specific art forms. They buy directly from the artisans who make our products, the artisans set the prices for their goods and are paid fairly for their work. Their products are made one at a time by hand. They believe in supporting women and helping to create sustainable livelihoods for people living in rural communities. 

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#7 KD Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

A little more heavy-duty than the Jade mat we looked at, this mat had a quality feel that stayed in place. A cost-effective solution for anyone looking solely for organic cotton. I would recommend this cloth yoga mat for a home yoga practice, but if you don’t mind carrying 4lbs around with you, it would work too for a hot yoga class, ashtanga, or hatha yoga class.  

KD Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsBlue
Red & Blue
Yellow and Turquoise
Weight3.9 lbs.
Dimensions24” x 72”4mm
Type of CottonOrganic Cotton
Washing CareMachine wash in cold water
Hang to dry
Made InIndia

Why do we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Hot Yoga or Hatha?

This versatile mat is great to feel grounded in a Hatha practice and stable enough to soak up the sweat during sun salutations in a hot yoga class. The only thing we found the mat to be a bit on the heavy side to trek across town, but if you’re driving to yoga, this might be the mat for you.  

Green Footprint

Other than the specifications that this mat is hand woven in India and made from organic cotton, there is little other information on the green footprint of this company. Sold by Amazon, Amazon is constantly trying to be more green as an eco-company. Take a look at this article for more information on some green products sold by Amazon. 

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#8 Live Well 360 Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

 Extra long (one of the longest cloth yoga mats we looked at!) and slightly wider than others too, this mat is perfect for those that like more space. This organic cotton is hand woven in India and feels super soft and well-made. It’s not the greatest with traction and so this is a great mat if you’re looking to move your practice to the next level and strengthen muscles that otherwise would not on a sticky mat. It’s a good mat for travel since it packs light and rolls up well.  


Live Well 360 Handmade Organic Cotton

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsBlue
Weight2 lbs.
Dimensions78” x 27”3mm thick
Type of CottonOrganic cotton
Washing CareMachine wash cold
Air Dry
Made InIndia

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Bikram?

This mat is light enough to travel with and very easy to throw into the washing machine after a sweaty Bikram class. In Bikram, you don’t need a mat that has a great deal of traction, so this would be a great mat for balancing postures and floor poses alike.  

Green Footprint

There is limited information about how Live Well 360 leaves its green footprint.  

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#9 Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mat

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

As a cotton mat, this mat provides a great deal of padding which is great for any floor postures. For an Ashtanga practice, this mat challenged us to keep flowing. If you require an extra stick, try spraying it with a bit of water for additional traction. This mat is well woven and softens quite a bit with every wash. As with all cotton yoga mats, air drying is best to avoid shrinking. This mat is warrantied for 15 years, the longest warranty we’ve come across!

Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mat 

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsOrange
Dimensions72” x 25”
Type of Cottonconventional
Washing CareMachine wash
Hang to dry

Why do we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Ashtanga/Mysore?

This mat provides an extra element of challenge to an Ashtanga practice. It could also easily be used for any other sort of yoga, but if you’re looking to extend your practice and develop muscles, this is the mat for you. 

Green Footprint

Recently, Yogasana has switched to 100% organic cotton. The company sees the value in making mats that are made chemical-free. Yogasana manufactures mats in India using sustainable practices. This company understands the harm that overuse of plastic and PVC is doing to our earth. Watch this video that Yogasana has linked about such harms:  

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#10 Bend Ayurvedic Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Mat?

This is another mat that we fell in love with.  With many similarities to the Oko-Living mat, this mat has many of the same great features.  Ridges for additional traction, herbs woven into the mat for additional ayurvedic benefits, great colors and designs, and natural non-toxic dyes.  We really like how they have grouped certain mats to give you specific benefits for healing and health.  

Bend Cotton Yoga Mat 

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsVarious
Weight3.5 lbs.
Dimensions72” x 24”
Type of CottonOrganic cotton with a
natural latex backing from
rubber trees
Washing CareHand Wash or in a Machine
without an agitator

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Iyengar?

Iyengar and Ashtanga are both flow types of yoga. This mat is great for any flow practice where sweat has been known to drip from time to time. The damper this mat gets, the stickier it becomes. The ridges provide a great deal of traction, and the natural latex back makes it less prone to slip on a hard surface.  

Green Footprint

There is a great deal of information on the efforts of Bend to make an eco-product that not only helps the earth but also advances humanity. They have a goal to maintain a circular economy of resources that minimizes what we take from the planet and maximizes the care taken in crafting each product. They recycle and compost anything leftover in production, and reduce energy and carbon emissions by using hand looms that are rooted in tradition. while ensuring that each item is imbued with the passion and purpose of our wellness goals.

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#11 Halfmoon India Yoga Cotton Blanket

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Blanket?

This lightweight blanket is the perfect addition to savasana in any yoga practice. Also great for Yin Yoga, this blanket keeps you warm enough to sit in poses for 3-5 minutes and is never too hot. The selvage edges add texture and quality to the blanket. And this blanket doubles as additional padding for your knees if you’re using a lower profile cotton mat.  

Halfmoon Cotton Yoga Blanket

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsNatural
Made In India
Dimensions60” x 80”
Type of CottonConventional cotton
Washing CareMachine WashHang to Dry

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for Yin Yoga?

This blanket is versatile enough to work with any yoga practice, but given the nature of the long-holding poses in Yin Yoga, it is a perfect addition to drape over yourself as you hold the postures.  

Green Footprint

There is limited information about the green footprint that Half Moon is making on the earth at this time. 

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#12 Lotus Crafts Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket 

What We Loved Most about this Cotton Yoga Blanket?

This is another great blanket for Yin Yoga and any resting pose. The rich Bordeaux color is made from 100% organic cotton and is made from a sturdy thick weave–enough to endure a winter Yin Yoga session. This is also a great option to use as additional padding for your knees. Just make sure to wash it alone, as the dye tends to leech in the wash.  

Cotton Yoga Mat 

Features & Dimensions

Available ColorsDeep red
Dimensions80” x 60”
Made in India
Type of CottonOrganic 
Washing CareMachine Wash ALONE

Why did we choose this cotton yoga mat best for yin?

This blanket is versatile enough to work with any yoga practice, but given the nature of the long-holding poses in Yin Yoga, it is a perfect addition to drape over yourself as you hold the postures.  

Green Footprint

There is limited information about the green footprint that Lotus Crafts is making on the earth at this time. 

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Yoga rug vs yoga mat, what are the main differences?

A yoga rug and a yoga mat are both used during yoga practice, but there are some key differences between the two:

  1. Material: Yoga mats are typically made of PVC, rubber, or foam, while yoga rugs are traditionally made of cotton or wool.
  2. Thickness: Yoga mats tend to be thicker and more cushioned than yoga rugs, which are thinner and less padded.
  3. Traction: Yoga mats are designed to provide a non-slip surface for practitioners, while yoga rugs require some sort of non-slip surface underneath, such as a sticky mat or a carpeted floor.
  4. Portability: Yoga mats are easy to roll up and transport, while yoga rugs are bulkier and more difficult to transport.
  5. Versatility: Yoga mats are more versatile, as they can be used for a variety of yoga styles, as well as other exercises like Pilates or stretching. Yoga rugs are often used for traditional Ashtanga yoga practices, which involve a lot of jumping and sliding movements.

Overall, yoga mats are more commonly used than yoga rugs, as they offer more cushioning and better traction. However, some practitioners prefer yoga rugs for their traditional look and feel, or for specific styles of yoga practice.

What are most yoga mats made out of?

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is what the mainstream yoga mats are often made out of. Unfortunately, PVC also contains harmful chemicals such as phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to human health. These toxic additives can leach out or evaporate into the air over time, posing unnecessary dangers to our overall well-being.[1]

Your yoga mat may seem harmless, but over time, PVC releases toxic, chlorine-based chemicals that build up in the world’s ecosystems and end up in the food chain and eventually in humans and animals. [2] As we evolve and gain more information about potential hazards in our lives, it only makes sense to try and avoid these dangers so we can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.  If you are new to yoga, take a look at some of the benefits it may bring you.

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Is TPE yoga mat safe?

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) yoga mats are generally considered safe for use but they ARE made of fossil fuels (aka plastic) and do not allow for proper grounding to the earth. TPE is a synthetic material that is often used as an alternative to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in yoga mats and other products. It is known for being environmentally friendly and generally non-toxic.

TPE yoga mats are typically free from harmful substances such as phthalates, heavy metals, and latex, which are commonly found in PVC mats. They also tend to be more lightweight, durable, and have better cushioning properties compared to natural rubber or PVC mats.

However, it’s important to note that the safety of a TPE yoga mat can also depend on the specific brand and manufacturing process. It’s always a good idea to research the manufacturer and check if their products meet safety standards and certifications. Reading reviews and checking for any potential recalls or issues with the product can also provide additional assurance.

Furthermore, if you have specific sensitivities or allergies, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or contact the manufacturer directly to ensure the mat is suitable for your needs.

What are the Benefits of a Cotton Yoga Mat?

  • Avoids dangerous chemicals in traditional PVC
  • Allows for natural grounding to the earth’s healing properties
  • Pushes you to expand your yoga practices and hold postures with greater strength
  • Allows for better connection in balance postures

My cotton yoga mat has not only helped me to avoid these dangerous chemicals but has also allowed me to become more grounded with the earth. Being connected to the earth either by being barefoot or linked with natural materials (such as leather, cotton, hemp…etc.) plugs into the Earth’s natural healing energy. 

Grounding has been known to reduce inflammation, pain, and stress; and improve blood flow, sleep, and vitality. Experts who have studied grounding techniques have expressed that it is a GROSSLY overlooked factor in health and healing. [3] Using a cotton yoga mat can keep you grounded to the earth, while you mentally and physically extend yourself in your yoga practice.  

I have also found that using a cotton yoga mat has forced me to become better in my physical practice. I have traditionally relied on the stickiness of my mat to hold me in many of the postures. A cotton yoga mat does not always hold you like a traditional sticky mat does, requiring you to compensate with muscle strength and extended flexibility. 

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How are cotton yoga mats made?

Some of the best cotton yoga mats are made with organic or recycled cotton which is the best choice to avoid the most amount of toxins. They also carry the benefit of being more gentle towards the earth by using fewer chemicals and water in its production.  

They are often hand woven using a loom. Take a look at this video demonstrating the loom weaving process.  

Organic cotton is grown with MUCH less water and without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. The chemicals used in conventional cotton crops are often toxic and leech into our food system and contaminate our waters.  

A good-quality mat is often hand woven with vegetable-dyed cotton yarn. We often fail to realize that the dye itself, if not naturally sourced from plants, can contain a lot of harmful toxins which contribute negatively to our health and our environment.  

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Is a Cotton Yoga Mat worth the Price?

Almost everyone I know who has made the switch from PVC to cotton has been very pleased with the results. Your mat becomes like a little sanctuary and paying a premium for a place to connect is a good investment in mental and physical health.  

It is hard to say exactly how heavy the toxic load from a traditional PVC yoga mat is. What we do know is that there are unwanted chemicals that leach out of the mat. Ever notice the smell of a PVC yoga mat? It is exactly THAT smell that we want to avoid.

In many situations in life we cannot control the chemicals we come into contact with. When we CAN make the decision to choose healthier and more natural products, it adds to a lower toxic load overall. A cotton yoga mat is totally worth the price over the long run. Just think about how often your face is near your yoga mat during your practice!!???

Here is another great video of a traditional weaver in India detailing how many mats he can make in a day. Watch this and then ask yourself if it is worth the money! 



[2] ttps:// 

[3] Science 


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